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Latest sinhala film – Vidhu

Latest Sinhala film “Vidhu” is about to release. This film has been directed by Ashoka Handagama and it will start screening soon. The cast include following actors and actresses.

Chandani Senevirathne | Saumya Liyanage | Gamini Hettiarachchi | Thanishka Vimalarathne | Shamila Nimanthi Frenando | Himasal Liyanage | Asoka De Soysa | Lanka Bandaranayaka


Vidu is a child who eagerly wants to go to school as other children of his age, but unfortunately is deprived of that right for reasons beyond his control. He does not have a legitimate father. Mother earns only few bucks hardly sufficient to feed him. They live in an isolated house in a coastal tourist-town. Other than the knowledge of English acquired by talking to tourists, Vidu does not have any form of formal primary education. One day a tourist throws Vidu a dollar note, thinking as if Vidu is a beggar. “Why do you give me money? What did I do to you to earn this money?” Vidu asks “What a little boy like you who hasn’t even gone to a school can do to earn a dollar from me?” The tourist asks in return. Vidu takes this question as an insult and as a challenge. He is determined to add a value to his life which is not worth of a dollar now. The story of the film is his attempt to make his dream a reality.

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