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February 14, 2016

Mr. Bean’s Daughter or Hoax?

By Sandakalum - Fri Dec 03, 11:57 am

We all know who Mr. Bean is. His real name is Rowen Atkinson and we all like him and his films. I was shocked when I recently got an e-mail of a sexy, beautiful girl. Because it mentioned that the girl in the image, by the name of Gmma Atkinson, is Rowen Atkinson’s Daughter. Probably by now you also have got this e-mail.  First have a look at on the pictures.

Hope you enjoy the images. With disbelief I did a search in the internet. This is what I found;

1. Rowen Atkinson got married in 1990 and have two children, Lily and Benjamin.

2. Gemma Atkinson was born on 15 Nov, 1984. She is a is an English actress, television personality and glamour and lingerie model. Atkinson has dated popular football player Cristiano Ronaldo and was engaged to Marcus Bent, but they have since split up;She is now dating Liam Richards who was a finalist on the 2008 series of the Britain’s Got Talent TV show with martial arts act Strike. You can see her acting on her bikini in this video clip – HERE

So the truth is that there is actually no relationship between Rowan Atkinson and Gemma Atkinson, except same family name. If you get this e-mail, enjoy the images again but not the story, because it is a lie.

I found this funny video clip, Gemma giving instructions on How to shave interesting. Click Here to Watch.

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    wow I can die for her. OMG.!

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