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Aloka – Madhavi Wedding Day (Complete collection – Post 3)

Dear Lanka Help Magazine readers, as we promised earlier we are adding the rest of the images of Dr. Aloka Liyanage and Madhavi Wathsala’s Wedding. Even though we were to add them as a list of images, This time we thought of adding some flavour. There were other reason for this too. We are happy with the outcome of the slide show.

In a recent new paper article, bride’s father Jackson Anthony had revealed his feelings as a father when his daughter getting married. That influenced us to select “Raththaran duwe …” song to this video.

These images are unofficial, unedited images of the wedding day. Still they are so beautiful and elegant. Watch the video below. Both players has same video. First video has more clear images but it may take more time to load. If your internet connection is slow please select the second video player.

Aloka & Madavi Wedding Images Slide show from Brenda Maddumage on Vimeo.

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To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

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6 thoughts on “Aloka – Madhavi Wedding Day (Complete collection – Post 3)

  1. Thanks! Nice post and I agree that we need to have a web community like this for decent Sri Lankans. Some of the web sites out there can not be viewed with family.
    I also remember one incidence. In another site, there was an article about this couple and I was hurt so much by reading the comments published there. Then I decided to write a reply pointing out many things which decent Sri lankans will agree with. But it was never published.
    The web master of that site while publishing all the filthy comments was not ready to publish my comment which appreciate the couple and their family.
    We, Sri lankan expatriates love Sri Lanka.I do not like those sites which disgrace the country. I went through your site posts and really like how you guys respect others.

  2. I agree with Krish. We need a good entertainment site with high quality posts.
    It is a good idea that you post the images as a video slide show. I liked it very much too. may be you are worried about the distortion of images by people who copy images from here and post them in their sites.
    I understand the mentality of those people who always do not see the nicer aspect of life. And most of the time these people are criticizing educated well respected people of the country. We can not blame them as they have their rights to express but I think web site administrators have a responsibility to maintain some standards.
    I will share this sites with my family and friends all over the world.

    Or I forgot to talk about the couple. I came here after searching in the net. I am a great fan of Madavi When I was in Sri Lanka I never missed a single program of “Haan padura”. I had never heard about Dr. Aloka before, I knew Mr. Hemasiri Liyanage has two sons (Saumya and Indrchapa).

    Thanks …

  3. Thanks Krish and Ahinsa. Your words are encouraging.As Sri Lankan expatriates our main aim was to build up a question and Answer site. I strongly believe, We Sri Lankans like to share their knowledge. So hopefully Q & A web page will develop with our loving Sri Lankans contribution.
    We developed Lanka Help Magazine to support Q & A site. As we can add more multimedia files in a blog like this.
    As we live in Canada and USA, We need support of our users to find new content. We also in touch with our friends in Sri Lanka they also contribute.
    As Krish mentioned we will never publish an article to harm any individual or group. I think Sri lankan expatriate have had enough of those.
    We are not professional journalist or engage in full time publishing. But we want to build up an online community where users will contribute. I think it is right if i call this as Citizen Journalism.
    Thank you!

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