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Sinhawalokanaya New Sinhalese Movie – Trailer & Stills

Sinhawalokanya is the latest sinhalese film. Recently they released the previews of this film which combines fast and present of Sri Lankan life. This film has many other remarkable features that one may prompt himself to go the theater.
Popular singer and upcoming actress Raini Charuka Gunathilaka (Rookantha & Chandralekha’s daughter) play a main role in this film. Other than her two other special Sri Lankans from different fields also join the film as actors. Yes DeLon Jayasinghe and Thilakarathna Dilshan also in this film. DeLon Jayasinghe is a USA based singer who played a big part during the North East war. He was the one who could reveal MIAS’s baseless comments against Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan army.
We all know who Thilakarathan Dilshan is and what his talents are. So cricket lovers have another reason to watch this movie other than that the story is based on a cricket match. This film has been both written and directed by SUneth Malinga Lokuhewa. Following are official preview of the film and few promotional posters.

“The Cricket Film 2011 Sinhawalokanaya- Upcoming Massive Period Film will Re-Boot the Entire Sri Lankan Cinema with Sri Lankan Film Industry’s First Collaboration with Universal Pictures and Fox Search Light! This is a film that showing the epic battle and struggle a group of uneducated villagers went through to get its independence back in 1948 and its discusses a “secret” what happened between 1947 November and to talk about how Sri Lanka got its independence in 1948!  This is Not a Re Make of Lagaan. Lagaan was a film about a Land Tax. This is not about Land Tax. neither it features anything to do with lagaan. THIS IS ABOUT CRICKET.. 1ST SRILANKAN CRICKET FILM”.

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Sinhawalokanaya Theme Song:

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