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Who is this ? Sri Lanka Image quiz – 02

පහත පින්තුරයේ සිටින ජනප්‍රිය ශ්‍රී ලංකික කලාකරු හඳුනාගන්න. ඔබේ පිළිතුර පහතින් දැක්වෙන කොටුවේ සලකුණු කල හැක. Last week we asked a question about Sri Lanka foot ball team’s 1978 World cup record. We have published the answer just below the quiz and You can go to that quiz by clicking here. This week you get the image quiz.  Following is an image of three school boys. There is one popular Sri Lankan artist among them. Please identify him and mark your choice using the form below.

Who is in the popular figure in this picture? You can not select more than one answer. We will be publishing the correct answer when we post our next quiz. Please make sure that you bookmark this page.

This image is a property of the original photographer and we advise our users to adhere to copy rights laws.

අප කවුරුත් හඳුනන කලාකරුවෙක්ගේ පාසල් කාලයේ ජායාරුපයක්. මෙම පින්තුරයේ සම්පුර්ණ අයිතිය මෙහි මුල් හිමිකරු සතුවන අතර , මෙය මුල්‍යමය ලාභයන් සඳහා භාවිත කිරීමේදී මුල් කතෘගේ අවසරය ලබගතු බව සලකන්න.

The answer choices we have given are: 1. Suresh Maliyadda 2. Priyanath Rathnayaka 3. Nalin Perera 4. Mahinda Bandara 5. Keerthi Pasquel.

We know You are very much familiar with all these artists, so it would not be a big task for you. We hope you will share this quiz with your friends and please take a little time to post a comment about our site.

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We thank Ms. Brenda Maddumage for her help in making this quiz. Join with Brenda Maddumage through Facebook. Click Here.

පිළිතුරු අනුපිලිවෙල : 1. සුරේෂ් මාලියද්ද 2. ප්‍රියනාත් රත්නායක 3. නලින් පෙරේරා 4. මහින්ද බණ්ඩාර 5. කීර්ති පැස්කුවෙල්

Who is in the popular figure in this picture?

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Update: The correct answer is Nalin Perera. he is standing in the left side of the image with ever lasting smile on his face. 71% of the respondents have correctly identified this popular figure. You can check out our next quiz here.


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

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