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What is captured in Colombo security cameras so far.

From December 29, 2010 several important places in Colombo town are under close circuit camera surveliance. Even though it has been just a week; It has been already proven the importance of these cameras in our country. For last seven days nine road trafic accidents have been recorded and 315 incidents of road trafic rules violations have been noted. There are 105 camers which have been already installed and they are monitered centrally from a special room in Colombo DIG office.

Watch the following video from Swarnavahini news team. This video clips easily show how bad our drivers are. Specially those who are operating public transports.

Following are the laces where security cameras are fixed.
1-Parana Parliamenthuva Junction – Pettah (Old Parliament)
2-Ceramic Junction – Kotuva
3- Railway station – Pettah
4-Central Bud Stand
5-Technical Junction -Sangaraaja Maavatha
6-Maradana Bridge
7-Ibbanvala Junction – Darley Road
8-Lipton Circle
9- Galle Face Junction
10-Liberty Plaza Junction
11-Mal Paara (Flower Road)-Agamethi Kaaryaalaya paara (Prime Minister’s Office)
12-Kollupitiya Junction
13-Thunmulla Junction
14-Bambalapitiya Junction
15–Kirulapona Junction
16-Paamankada Junction
17-Vellavaththa Junction
18-Naaraahenpita Junction
19-Maha Kanaththa Junction (General Cemetry Junction)
20-Borella Junction
21-Aayurvedha Junction – Raajagiriya
22Kandhasaami Junction
23-Mattakuliya Junction
24-Kelaniya Bridge – Colombo – Kandy Road
25-Peliyagoda Bridge – Colombo – Negombo Road


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