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Chaminda Pusswedilla – MP now on DVD

Popular Sri Lankan politician, Friend of People, Son of the Village, Father of Democracy, Brother of Freedom, Chaminda Puswedilla has released his DVD. The DVD seems to be dedicated to his loyal supporters since it is named ” The life and times of Hon. Pusswedilla – Thank You for voting”.

If you still do not know who is this popular politician, Here is his profile information in his own words. “I was born in the village of Kotaudagama and had an illustrious schooling career at the Central College in my native village. From my early days I showed active interest in the affairs of my village and constantly looked out for the welfare of my fellow villagers.

After passing my Advanced Levels with flying colours I completed my tertiary education at Cambridge and was subsequently awarded an honourary doctorate by Oxford. My outstanding humanitarian service saw me being nominated for many prestigious international awards including the Nobel Peace Prize and the Ramon Magsaysay Award. I served as Member of the Sri Lankan Parliament, Minister of Road Development, Leader of the Opposition and plan to serve Sri Lanka with great honour as the Executive President. I turned down many prestigious international positions in order to remain in and serve the country of my birth. I have refused the Secretary Generalship of the United Nations, turned down the Presidency of the World Bank, tore up the letter confirming my appointment as Head of the Commonwealth and most recently politely refused to accept the Presidency of the European Union. This has amply proved to the people of Sri Lanka that Chaminda Pusswedilla cares for them, cares for their country and cares not for my own welfare”. ¬†Following is the recent interview of Hon. Pusswedilla in dailymirror hot seat.

You can buy this DVD at Amazon online kade –Go to Amazon Online Kade Pusswedilla page


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