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Natasha Rathnayaka – Star profile

Retaining the vibrant colors and exotic splendor of Asia, Natasha Rathnayake has managed to fuse generic western extravert thinking and creative expression in her decade long singing and highly glamorous modeling career. She has given hope to a whole new generation of Sri Lankan artists who settled for only being heard within local stratospheres and didn’t venture into the maze of the international music industry. She has been creating contemporary Pop/RnB/Dance music over the past two years with the support of the finest producers in the emerald island and has revolutionized the English music industry in Sri Lanka overnight.

Her music resonates throughout the world, via thousands of top radio stations for her singles such as “Runaway”, Get up on my Feet” and the most recent release receiving countless airplay globally, “Worship My Body”. All through a demo which was accepted by leading radio programming company Radio Express.

She is a local superstar with the potential of breaking it globally against the contemporary names in pop culture thanks to the years of experience she has gained in the studio and on the road performing to a demographically wide audience and with international acts such as DJ Bo Bo, Vengaboyz and countless others.

Her single “Worship My Body” is currently receiving rave reviews from DJ’s and radio producers worldwide, and besides being picked as the hot picks, also charted on several independent radio countdowns in Asia and Europe.

Being an authentic female artiste with a true story of struggle, battle and victory, she empowers women in Asia to go beyond through her music and various CSR projects she gets involved in. Representing a large Asian sub continent population she is set to collaborate with many artists in the near future and this will propel her music to new heights and status as the “new voice” of the “new Asia/Sri Lanka”. If there was one to type into your preferred search engine, this young Artist would certainly be the one.

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Get up on my feet – Live Performance

Natasha Rathnayaka’s first song – Song Written and composed by Azlan Sheriffdeen – “Runaway”

Natasha recently featured in cricket world cup theme song “Play”. Previews were released and this song is sung by five artists in five languages. PLAY – 2011 Cricket World Cup Theme Song
[Producer: Salim Parvez & Banglayouth, 5 Artist, 5 Language & one Anthem.Music: AKS, Artist: Tausif (Bangladesh, Sherrin (India), Kamran Ahmed (Pakistan), Natasha (Sri Lanka) & Sajjad (Dubai)] This track has 5 language (Bangla, English, Hindi, Urdu & Sinhalese) with 5 Internationnal artist.We will soon post the full song as soon as it is available for media. Here is the preview of the song.


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