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Nimantha Heshan Gamage

Nimantha Heshan Gamage became known to me first through Sirasa Super Star season 3. He conducted a work shop for the final contestants. Then next time I saw him as a judge in the Sirasa Super Star generation and I wanted to know more about this talented and humble musician. But my desire was suppressed knowing that talented people like this are not given popularity by main stream media. I was wrong when I realized that Heshan has performed in “Wisekaralankaraya” program and it was because of him I started watching all the video clips from Swarnavahini. Thanks to him I was able to watch few amazing talents in young artists like Saman Lenin and his Rhythm of Culture band, Rakhitha Nuwan and his band, and peshala Manoj. (Image: Heshan’s wife Anjali Mishra)

You can get the link to watch Satharalankaraya and Wisekaralankaraya program here at our main site.

Nimantha heshan Gamage – Personal Life
Nimantha is the son of Shirani Kumarasiri and Hector Kumarasiri. Hector Kumarasiri is a popular stage drama producer and one of his popular drama is “Biso”. I think every sri lanka drama fans know “Haa haa lande” song by Rodney Warnakula and that song is from Hector Kumarasiri’s “Biso” Drama.

Heshan’s mother Shirani Kumarasiri also related to arts and music and she has penned few songs for Heshan. Heshan’s wife is an Indian national and her name is Anjali Mishra. Anjali and heshan are now lecturers of faculty of performing arts and they run their own music and dancing school “Alaap”. Heshan and Anjali both are graduate of I.K.S. university, Bhathkande, India.

Heshan is a student of Kotte Janadipathi Vidyalaya and Colombo Ananda College. Before going for further studies in India, Heshan was a student of Nanda Malini. Watch this video for more about Heshan.

How to join Alaap Music and Dancing School : Visit following link to download the application form to apply for heshan’s music and Dancing school.

Send the completed application to:
Alaap Music And Dancing academy,
469/33A, Mahaiyavatta, Aggona, Angoda, Sri Lanka

You can read article in Sinhala about Nimantha Heshan Here.

Following are few songs by Nimantha Heshan Gamage:

1. Minise Nethage – By Heshan Gamage and Meena Prasadini

2. Pawan Susum – Song by Nimantha Heshan Gamage

3. Sanda Sisilayi Song by Nimantha Heshan Gamage


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  1. This musician was first shown to Sri Lankan public by the Derana Dream Star (Not by Sirasa super Star)- He conducted workshops in Derana Dream Star Academy – Then Sirasa pick him up for their Superstar workshops as well (and later for the Gen 4 judge panel)

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