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Dinesha-Choven Wedding Day Images

Keerthi Pasquels daughter Dinesha Pasquel got married recently. Her groom was UK based soft ware engineer Choven Senevirathna. Keerthi’s friends from Sri Lankan entertainment field shared the joy with him on this charming wedding day. As promised in our first article , (sharing the news of this wedding) ¬†we are posting few more images of happy couple, parents and friends who attended the wedding. On behalf of the lanka help magazine readers who are living all around the world, we wish this beautiful couple a long , happy and prosperous life together.

Keerthi Pasquel, Nirosha Virajini, Choven & Dinesha, Yasantha
One of Keerthi's closest friend, guitarist and musician Mahinda bandara and Dammika Bandara
Rookantha Gunathilaka

More images are in the following video. We thank Mr. Keerthi Pasquel & His Family for giving us the permission to share these images in Lanka Help Magazine.

[If anyone want to share these images in their blog or web site, they should adhere to copy rights laws and ethical principles of online media. Changing the images, copying the written content word to word, publishing comments disrespecting our artists are not tolerable to Lanka Help Magazine team and we kindly request to avoid them as much as possible. We expect a working backlink when ever these images are copied from our web site and posted some where else]


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