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Nimantha Heshan’s Cricket World Cup Song

We earlier published a collection of songs that were created for ICC Cricket world cup 2011 (See Here) . We time to time add few songs that came up after we published that article. Yesterday I watched iroshayi niroshayi program with Nimantha Heshan (Who is Nimantha Heshan?) Hand found out that Nimantha Heshan Gamage also produced a new song for Cricket World Cup. This song is said to be the first song with visuals by talented and educated Nimantha Heshan Gamage. I also happened to read criticism from eminent song writers and critics about Lahiru Perera’s Cricket world cup song which is said to be the official song in Silumina’s Rasaduna Magazine ( See here ).

This song has been written by Bandula Nanayakkarawasam and music is by Ranga Dasanayaka. This song also feature the talented percussion brand Naadro.

In my opinion this is the best song so far produced for  Cricket World Cup 2011 by Sri Lanka. I think it is not too late for Sri Lanka cricket board to name this song as their official cricket song. Nimantha’s song is not only about cricket but it is all about cricket as a sport and its use to understand win and loss, unity between nations and ethnicities, etc. Hope you will enjoy this song and share with your friends.


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4 thoughts on “Nimantha Heshan’s Cricket World Cup Song

  1. wow this songs is really nice………….I hear this songs and it really heart touching…………….
    best of luck and good wishes to all srilankan team………….

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