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Suresh Joachim – A Sri Lankan in Canada has broken 63 world records

Suresh Joachim is a Sri Lankan living in Canada.. He has captured public attention from all around the world by breaking records in many categories. On New year eve, He broke yet another record by continuously dancing for 125 hours and dancing to the tunes of thousands of songs. By January, 2011 he had broken 63 world rcords and, 17 of which still stand (Accoring to Canindian Magazine) .  His current records include 42 days non stop running

He started this journey of braking records in 1996. His first record was running for 1000 hours. Suresh has been traveling around the world performing much different type of world records. He drummed continuously for 84 hours in Switzerland; ran on a treadmill for 168 hours to cover 659.27km in France; bowled for 100hrs in Canada; carried a 4.5 kg brick in a nominated ungloved hand in an un cradled downward position for 126.675km in Australia.
What is amazing about Suresh is that he can learn anything very quickly in a short time. His objective is to hold records in many different categories and also hold the record for most current records. Suresh involved in many social welfare activities and he is specially committed to welfare of children living all around the world.

Suresh is married to Christa Rasanayagam.  They own the world record for the largest wedding bouquet measured 60.09 m (197 ft 1 in) long and was made using 1,500 flowers including roses and carnations. The wedding was held at King Catholic Church, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on 6 September 2003.  There were many other records on the wedding day and they still hold the guinness world records for most ushers to one groom (Accompanied by 47 groomsmen, aged between 2 and 63) and most bridesmaids to one bride (Accompanied by 79 bridesmaids, aged 1 to 79).
Watch this video from global toronto news paper reporting Suresh’s Dancing record

Lanka Help Magazine wish very best to Sursh. Read our previous article on Sri Lankan Guinnas World record Here. Joachim.


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