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Two recent incidents of Erotomania in Sri Lanka

Yesterday News Papers reported that Sri Lanka police arrested a girl who claimed that she is married to a popular Sri Lankan cricketer. She has gone to the Cricketers home with fake marriage certificates. She was arrested by Mount Lavinia police on April 20 and she was remanded until May 27. She is said to be a resident of Moratuwa, Egoda Uyana. Papers had described this cricketer as a left arm spin bowler who was in the Sri Lanka cricket world cup squad.

Police has also taken into custody two fake identity cards, 21 mobile phone SIM cards and many other suspected documents. This case also brought me some memories about a woman who were threatening Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayaka with many allegations which ultimately lead to the arrest of Ranjan Ramanayaka. I could listen to the story at the Derana TV 360 program. Having observed  reaction of police, media and general public to these two incidence I thought of writing this article.

It is clear to me that police and media reacted to these two incidence differently but I see many similarities in these two incidence and it also invited me to refresh my psychology knowledge and share it with you.

Before writing more about Erotomania let me summarize few points which motivated me to write this article. As I see earlier there were many differences how Sri lanka police, Media and public reacted to these two situations. I remember how Ranjan Ramanayaka was questioned by facilitator of that program, Dilka Samanmali. Dilka was clear that she had all the intention of putting the label on Ranjan Ramanayaka and she was all ignorant about the condition that I am going to describe now. I hope this piece of information about Erotomania will be very useful for all the people responsible for law and order of the country, Media and general public.

What is Erotomania ? Erotomania is a delusion (See below)  that   in which the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger or famous person, is in love with him or her.

Now you may be thinking that you also have this. No it is not. The significant problem with Erotomaniac is that their belief is unshakable and they will go to any extreme to prove that their secret admirer is also in love with them. These people with Erotomania do not have any motives like Money, Publicity or popularity. It is a mental illness and they need treatment.

[Definition of Delusion : Delusion is a belief that is held firmly but on inadequate grounds, is not affcted by rational arguments or evidence to the contrary, and is not a conventional belief that the person might be expected to hold given his cultural background and level of education]

This is a common condition and it is important condition to know as most of the time it involves a famous figure can go to any extreme to justify their “love.”

In the history   The assassination attempt of United states president Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr was reported to have been driven by an erotomanic delusion to Jodie Foster.

Story of John Hinckley and Jodie Foster in Brief : John Hinckley became obsessed with Joide Foster after watching Taxi Driver (1976 American Drama Film) a number of times,and stalked her while she attended Yale, sending her love letters to her campus mail box and even talking to her on the phone. On March 30, 1981, he attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan (shooting and wounding Reagan and three others) and claimed his motive was to impress Foster, then a Yale freshman. The media stormed the Yale campus in April “like a cavalry invasion,” and followed Foster relentlessly.

I hope I could add some important information to your knowledge and I hope this will change how you see some of the media reporting in future.


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

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