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Call Sri Lanka for Rs. 2.00 from Anywhere in the World

This article is for those who live out side of Sri Lanka. In this article we are going to explain a method that you can use to talk with your families and friends in Sri Lanka spending only Rs 2.00 per minute. We understand that many Sri lankans who work abroad or live abroad spend considerable amount of money to call their loved ones in Sri Lanka. We hope this method will be very useful to save your hard earn money.

Using this method your family in Sri Lanka can make a call from their mobile phone to your Skype account for just Rs. 2.00. Also we explains how you can easily recharge their mobile phone.

This method needs integration of few services but this is an economical way for IDD calls. It may look complicated initially. But it is very easy to use once you arrange it as advised in this article.

I have used few other methods to call my family in Sri lanka, and but this method has been the most money saving. This method also have many other advantages as well.

Advantages of this method :

1. It is cheaper : Yes, at the time of writing this article the cost is Rs. 2.00 per minute. Isn’t that nice ? Still don’t believe this is one of the most cheapest ! Let me explain. A call from Canada to Sri Lanka usually costs Rs. 13 per minute when we are using long distance phone cards.A girl calling In some other countries the cost for one minute is around Rs. 100 per minute. We are well aware of the other charges of these cards. Most of the long distance phone cards have 1 minute rounding and they als o involve a daily fee when the card has been used once.

The other popular method to make international call is Skype . The expenditure is not different to that of using long distance cards. For an example from Canada, the cost is 13.9 cents (around Rs 14) per minute. The rate is 8.5 cents ( Rs. 9) per minute for Skype subscribers.

2. We can cut down our family or friend’s expenditure to call us. It is not possible for a person from Sri Lanka to afford IDD calls regularly.

3. This is specially good for people who do not have Internet access in Sri Lanka and for those who are not skillful in using Internet and Skype to make a call.

4.  You can use this method to send some easy gifts to Sri Lankan friends and relatives as phone reloads.

Following are few disadvantages :

1. They need to have a Dialog pre paid service or Etislat Pre paid service [Please note that Etislat charges for Skype call is Rs. 3.00 per minute). We will update you when other companies introduce the mobile to phone service.

2. You have to be connected to Skype to receive the call.  But with modern days phone which support Skype in your mobile, this would not be a problem for many.

This is what you have to do:

1. Use this link to register for a service that you can recharge Sri Lankan pre-paid mobile phones. You can reload / recharge Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch and Etisalat mobiles using this service.  Lanka Help Magazine has partnered with this company for you to recharge mobile phones anywhere in the world.You can also use this service to send phone recharges as gifts to your loved one in Sri Lanka. It is free to sign up. You can use the credit card or Paypal to send money. Click here to Sign up today.

As I mentioned earlier this is mobile-skype call and you need have Skype installed in your computer. Download Skype  here.

Setting up the mobile to call Skype using Dialog or a Etislat mobile connection. 

Request them to send an SMS message with following information. This SMS is free and they will allocated a phone number for your Skype ID. 

Instructions to register and make mobile to Skype calls using Dialog:

1. Type Skype <space><user skype ID> and send it to 678 (SMS will be free of charge)

2. The sender will  receive an assigned number via SMS for the Skype contact.

3. Now Dial the assign number to connect to Skype user. (Skype user should be online).

4. The number will not be changed for the Skype user. So save it in your address book  for future use.

Instructions to register and make mobile to Skype calls using Etislat : 

Etislat users only have to SMS the Skype ID to 4545 and they will receive an allocated number for the Skype ID.

For example if somebody wants to call Skype ID “Srilankan” , SMS should be as follows.

1. Dialog : Type Skype Srilankan and send it to 678

2. Etislat: Type Srilankan and send it to 4545

 Hope, I was clear enough to tell you the method.  It will be nice of you if you share this method with each and every Sri Lankan expatriates living all around the world. I am sure it will save lot of money to them.I would appreciate your feed backs and please take few minutes to leave a comment.

If you have already sign up in Ezetop – Click Here to Sign in and Send Money


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

22 thoughts on “Call Sri Lanka for Rs. 2.00 from Anywhere in the World

  1. Thanks you very much. It is working, I tried it today. My sister in law from Sri Lanka called today using her dialog phone. When you send the SMS to dialog, it may take little time for you to get a reply. Dialog number for specific ID seems to be same for any dialog connection. So in that case you can give the number to others who are using dialog to call your Skype ID.
    Dialog number to Skype starts with *# and it has five numbers.
    The call was very clear and I am really impressive.

      1. No need to do in Skype setting. Please explain how you tried this, so that I can give you a precise answer.

    1. why now not work dialog or etisalt my palace vavuniya maravnkulam my family calling from vavuniya to saudiarabia mobile to Skype no work please cheke
      this my number *#22910

  2. can i use this from dubai and cant we re charge that mobil in srilanka.. ex — if its a ethislat , cant i sms recharge card no that phone user…

    please waiting for y r reply ….

    tks,,, 🙂

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  5. Thanks for information. This is very useful. But there should be a small correction. Current rate is Rs 5 per minute when call Dialog to Skype. 

  6. Hey guys, do I have to have a Skype phone no or just having Skype account is enough? I have just sent a reload to my mom. Before sending her the instructions I want to know whether I should have a Skype no. Please help. Thanks

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