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Free calls to USA or Canada using Magicjack

This article is to explain how you can use Magicjack to call your relatives in Canada or USA for only 19.95 USD (US Dollars) Per year. Magicjack won the award for the product of the year in 2009. It does not have any monthly fee. This service is used by many Americans and Canadians who now can save lot of money spent on their phone bills. But this can also be used internationally to call phones in Canada or USA. Today my aim of this article is to introduce this device and I will try to briefly explain how you can use it to call Canadian and American phone for just around 19.50 Dollars per year.

How you can use Magicjack If you live in Canada or USA ?
Yes many Canadians known to me has begun using Magicjack as their landlines. Magicjack offers a risk free 3o day free trail and you can get first hand experience before you buy it. The annual fee is 19.95 Dollars and there is a one time fee of 35.00 USD for the device. You will be given a phone number allocated to your Magicjack. If you live in Canada now you can request to get a Canadian number.

You need to be connected to Internet to use the Magicjack. Once properly installed you can use the phone to call any mobile or land phone in Canada or USA without any call charge. You just have to  pay only 19.95 USD annually. So this will cut down your phone bill fully and you just have to keep your internet connection. Students and frequent travelers use this device commonly while it is now becoming more popular for regular land phone use.

How Can you who live outside of Canada or America use this to Call your loved on in North America?
Yes you can use this device from any country to call North American phone numbers. Currently Only Canadian and USA residents can buy this device. But there is no restrictions to use this device internationally. So you have to ask your loved one in Canada or USA to buy one for you and send it to you. You can then use the Magicjack installed to your computer and Internet and then you can call any phone number in Canada or USA. There will be no extra charges for International use.

We have been partnered with Magicjack to introduce this service to our users. We will be adding more information regarding this device and its use in future. Please share this article with your friends and families who live in Canada and USA. Click Here to buy a Magicjack from Amazon. Please also read our article related to this topic  how you can reload Sri Lanka phones Here and our article on Rs. 2.00 per minute calls to Skype users anywhere in the world from Sri Lanka Here. If you have any question regarding this you can send us a message using our contact us form.


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