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Kumaran Pathmanathan’s (KP) Exclusive Interview – Video

(Go Down to Watch the Videos) LTTE former leader Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) gave his first interview to the international media two years after his arrest in Bangkok. Kumaran Pathmanathan whose real name is Shanmugam Kumaran Tharmalingam was the leader of decimated Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He was considered LTTE’s arms procurer, though he now denies it. He also had insights into the thinking of LTTE’s supremo, Velupillai Prabhakaran. A man who is wanted in several countries including India for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is currently under house arrest in Sri Lanka.

Mr. V.K. Shashikumar a leading media person from India was able to have an interview with KP in a secure house in Sri lanka few days back. K.P is one of the few people who are currently living with good insight into the LTTE and its founder Velupillai Prabhakaran. As evidenced by this video, K.P seems to be a much changed man with intention of advocating for betterment of Tamil people who suffered from thirty years of war.

During the interview he said that some western countries offered help to some LTTE leaders to leave the island by ship during the final stage of the battle. When asked about the Rajiv Ghandhi’s assassination his answer was that everybody knows the truth that LTTE intelligence was involved in the assassination. He also admits that DMK party has some influence in the LTTE decision to kill then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. While apologizing K.P requests the ghandhi family to help suffering North East people. he broke in to tears when he was mentioning about the feeling of Rajiv Gandhi’s children.

Newly elected Tamil Nadhu chief minster had issued a statement to central government of India and United Nations to take action against Sri Lanka government on the latest UN report on Sri Lanka war crimes. When he was asked the question whether Tamil Nadu politician took advantage of the Elam course in Sri Lanka, his answer was Yes. He further said that LTTE would have killed now chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha if they had a chance. KP believes that Jayalalitha as chief minister of Tamil Nadhu can immensely help for the development of North and East of Sri Lanka and uplifting the quality of life of its people.

KP also reveals in this interview how then DMK parliamentarian and current leader of MDMK party used popularity of LTTE for his personal advantage. Vaiko is a firm supporter of LTTE.

When question about his future plan and his dream following was KP’s answer.

“You see of the 35 years I have spent in the arms struggle, two years I have been under house arrest (since August 2009). The custody may continue for another 10 years. I don’t know how many years I have life here, but for the rest of my life I want to spend with innocent children who were affected by the war. These children don’t have any love, they don’t have care, and they don’t have parents or a good education. They don’t have a future. I want to spend the rest of my life with them.

I request the Sri Lanka Defence Secretary to let me stay with the children in Vanni. There is nobody to look after them, especially the disabled. Especially young disabled girls. I have a dream to let them be happy…I want to see their happiness on their faces. I should help them start a new life, and hope…If in the rest of my life I achieve that, that’s enough for me.”

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KP Interview : Part 01

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  1. at last something meaningful from KP, this is what all tamils and sinhalese all over the world should listen to and move forward

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