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International Seminar on Defeating Terrorism begins

International Seminar on ‘Defeating Terrorism – The Sri Lanka Experience’ An international seminar to share Sri Lankan experience on the road to military defeat of the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization, the LTTE is began on May 31. Opening the seminar defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha emphasized that the key factor in defeating terrorism was the political leadership. You can watch Defense secretary’s key note speech video Here.

The seminar is due to be held three consecutive days ( 31st May,1 & 2nd June 2011) at Colombo Galadari Hotel. The main focus areas of this seminar are; counter measures against global terrorism, terrorist trends, predominance of both political and military efforts, rapid resettlement, reconciatory moves, nation-building and threats to national and international security concerns.

International delegates from representing fifty four countries will participate in the sessions. Officers from International Non Governmental Organizations, Professionals, Academics and Military officials are also expected to attend the seminars. The Sri Lankan delegates which represents the war veterans will share their knowledge on counter terrorism and contributory factors in defeating terrorism. The seminar will also review the Sri Lanka experiences fighting insurgencies and terrorism for last thirty years.

This event is organized by the Sri Lanka Army on the instructions of the Commander of Army Jagath Jayasuriya. Following is the Key Note speech by Defence secretary opening the sessions.

Following are the list of Military Speakers : Lt Gen Jagath Jayasuriya USP ndu psc, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army. Maj Gen (Retd) H.K.G. Hendavitharane, Maj Gen S.H. Munasinghe RWP RSP USP, Maj Gen N. A. Jagath C Dias RWP RSP, Maj Gen Nanda Udawatta RSP psc, Maj Gen S. Ranasinghe RWP RSP psc, Maj Gen P. P. de Silva WWV RWP RSP psc, Maj Gen L.H.S.C. Silva WWV RWP RSP USP psc, Maj Gen Chagie Gallage RWP RSP USP, Brig L.N. Wickramasuriya RSP USP psc, Brig T.N. Jayasuriya USP Hdmc, Brig K.M.U. Wijeratne USP, Brig K.R.P. Rowel RWP USP psc, Brig H.D.W. Kariyawasam USP Lsc, Brig N.A. Dharmaratne RWP RSP psc, Brig N.A.P.C. Napagoda IG, Brig R.A. Nugera WWV RWP RSP, Brig GV Ravipriya IG, Brig IP Ranasinghe RWP RSP psc, Lt Col TS Sallay psc,


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