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Tamilnadu film Director Seeman to marry a former LTTE cadre

It is reported that Tamilnadu film director, actor and the leader of Tamilnadu Political party ” We Tamil Movement”, Senthamilan Seeman is planning to marry a former tiger cadre from Sri Lanka. Seeman, formerly known as Sebastian Simon has directed six films namely Panchalankurichi (1997) , Inayavalae (1998), Veeranadai (1999), Thambi (2006), Vazzhthugal (2008) and Pagalavan (2011). He has acted in few films as well, Pori (2007), Pallikoodam (2007), Evano Oruvan (2007), Mayandi Kudumbathar (2009), Moscowin Kawery (2010) Magizhchi (2010) and Sattapadi Kutram (2011).More than all these films which are, most of the time, melodrama; The story you are about to read is like a romantic novel which can be easily turned into another Tamil movie.

Seeman’s bride to be is the widow of LTTE cadre Muthukumaru Soundarakrishnan (A.K.A Lt.Col Anbumani or Alex) who was killed on Novemebr 2nd 2007 at kilinochchi. Alex was a photographer and he was also the deputy to LTTE political leader S.P. Thamilselvan who was also killed with Alex when Sri Lanka Air Force bombed Thamilselvan’s residence.

Alex married this young beautiful Tamil girl only four month prior to his death. Mrs. Soundarakrishnan was herself a tiger cadre and She was working in the Arts & Culture division of the LTTE. She was also an announcer of the LTTE TV in Vanni and used the name N.Yarlmathy. She surrendered to Sri Lanka army in 2009 when LTTE was defeated.

As we all know, Seeman was a supporter of LTTE and he was detained twice (February 2010 and July 2010) under the National Security Act of India. Seeman first met this girl when he was in Vanni for a Film Studies Workshop on the invitation of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. Seeman’s liking to this girl began during this time, but he could not win her heart as She was in love with another cadre in LTTE Medical unit. Seeman returned to India with the broken heart and Yarlmathy could not also marry her lover. Ultimately, It was Alex who could marry this pretty girl using his rank and power.

Now you must be wondering how She got released from the imprisonment. Yes, that part of the story also matches the Story of an Indian film. It was Seeman who helped her to get released through the mediation of another Sri Lankan Tamil military organization. Seeman had to bribe this organization for her release. After the release She was sent off to India.

Now everything is arranged for the wedding. In keeping with the tradition of Indian film scripts which take lot of twist and turns, now there is another sub story coming up.

Tamil and Kannada film actress Vijayalakshmi has lodged a complaint in Chennai City Police that Seeman had promised to marry her. According to her They have had an intimate love affair for three years. But Seeman’s lawyer has denied all the accusations. Seeman spoke to media today and said that actress Vijayalakshmi is trying to malign his name in public. One Tamilnadu news paper which support Seeman accuses that charges against Seeman is an operation of Sri Lanka government through the friends in India. The same news paper article see similarities in this case and allegations against whistle blower journalist Julian Assange.

Story has all the flavors of a movie, but it is not yet finished. We want to wish new couple a good marriage life, as this pretty girl has gone through a lot in her life. But unfortunately there is no end for her struggle to have a decent life.


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