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Channel 4 New Video about Sri Lanka War

Channel 4’s June 14 video has been released in to the world wide web. This film named Sri lanka’s killing field and much of it has been filmed using mobile phones and small cameras. According to Channel 04 this film features devastating new evidence of alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka . The film was screened at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, as pressure mounts for action.

The documentary is claimed to be an investigation into the final weeks of theSri Lankan civil war and features new evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Chanel 4’s Jon Snow is the presenter of the investigation who also featured in previous news clips of Sri lanka war crime allegations.

Channel 4 claims these footages include the apparent extra-judicial massacre of prisoners by government forces, the aftermath of targeted shelling of civilian hospitals and the bodies of female Tamil fighters who appear to have been sexually assaulted. Also examined in the film are atrocities carried out by the Tamil Tigers.

Channel 04 previously showed few footages that said to be from Sri Lanka war earlier. This film said to contain previously unaired mobile phone footage of point-blank extrajudicial executions of three people, including a woman and a video testimony of a Tamil woman who says she and her daughter were gang raped. New visual evidence and testimony that the Sri Lankan Army systematically and knowingly bombed hospitals and civilians, with the oversight of senior military and government officials have also been added to the film.

Defense secretary of Sri Lanka Gotabhaya Rajapaksha issuing a statement to the media said that the film contains fake video clips and this is an intentional attempt to disgrace Sri Lanka government and troops. Defense secretary also emphasize how Sri Lanka defense forces looked after the innocent civilians and deny any killing of unarmed.

Meanwhile Media Minister and government spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said that the “Government will revisit the documentary carefully and have our own forensic expert and foreign experts to look at the footage and respond accordingly”.

Director of Media Centre for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle said that Sri Lanka had already proved the video to be manipulated. “We have maintained that these images are false and have been collected over a period of one year and three months to disgrace the Sri Lankan image,” Director General of the MCNS further emphasized.

Update : Prof. Rajiva Wijesingha’s response to “Channel 4 Documentary” in AlJazeers TV – Watch Here

“We categorically deny all the allegations leveled against Sri Lanka army in this documentary.”Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha.

Please do watch this video on your discretion. The film contain human death and injuries and may not be suitable for children and sensitive adults.

Please note : Lanka Help Magazine’s intention in publishing this article is to share the video with our visitors. The views and ideas in this film do not necessarily represent that of Lanka Help Website regarding Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka’s war.


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

30 thoughts on “Channel 4 New Video about Sri Lanka War

  1. LTTE are rebels fighting for rights, but government committed genocide, they were suppose to protect their citizens and not murder them behind closed doors.

  2. The channel 4 is agent of the LTTE-Therefore this channel 4 loud about the LTTE terrorist but all others are knows LTTE’s reprobate

  3. Nice 1 Channel 4! U ve got ton of sympathies for innocent terrorist? whats wrong with this? But great job at the Hollywood quality movie and great commentry by a women who pretend to have been in the front line! haha U should ve named it “Kill an innocent terrorist”

    To see how innocent these terrorist are please youtube this fottage-
    Anuradhapura Massacre by LTTE – 146 Civilians dead on Wesak day 14 May1985

    14th May is like Christmas for Buddhist.

    You need to be a Sri Lankan to hate them, any white man will pet little tiger cubs!!!

  4. By the way If at all this video footage actually been recorded by phone camera,one of the basic questions is that how on earth this person is been able to keep his/her phone charged in middle of battle zone,probably there must have not been any electricity with conditions as seen in the video.

    Also as mentioned by experts in the web,it is clear that the video quality is very much better than even 5.0 megapixel camera in built phone.

    In the footage of the people crawling into to drenches,it is clear in the back ground(when the video sound is muted and watched)that there is no panic as the audio describes in the video.for the video to tally with the audio i would personally expect to carry footage of people running here and there t get shelter with that sort of panic heard audibly.

    Also the girl is been so lucky to tell this story,as she’s remarkably been in this video from the start to end in various occasions,as to situation she’s been describing,and telling the hospitals been targeted and she happened to assist the doctor most of the time.

    and this doctor who is been interviewed during the battle field,is having a very relaxed,peaceful interview,when compared to the nos of patients and the conditions of those, and the rate people are getting wounded.

    so these area some of the doubts in this video

    1. Leave all otehr stuff. Give me clear answer, wht do u people have solution for tamils in srilanka and about the equal rights as citizens? wht does your sinhalese govt plan for equal rights for tamil people?

        1. I am a Sinhalese.Can a Tamil correspond with the government in his language?Will he get a reply in his own language? Can he understand when the policeman takes his complaint down in Sinhala?How many clerks are there in government offices who know tamil language? if somebody fills out a withdrawal bank slip can he withdraw his money?If all the governments since 1948 have failed to solve the language issue of Tamils how can we unite this country.Wars can unite a land only temporarily. The only path to unite this country is winning hearts of Tamils and Muslims

          1. There are people who can answer you in Tamil in any of the areas where it is predominently Tamil. Don’t go to a Sinhalese dominent area and expect there to be a Tamil person there to answer queries…that’s just stupid.

            Of course a Tamil can withdraw money by filling out a withdrawal slip. And to be honest I am amazed at how quickly we were able to get rid of the checkpoints and the ID checking for screening of terrorits.

            I am sure that you are also living outside of the country. Why don’t you visit the country and then make allegations? I have very little patience for people who are commenting on this issue without having lived on the island for a prolonged period of time.

        2. Sri Lankan Means This All Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamil, Berger, malee

          So All Sri Lankan has equal rights in Sri Lanaka.

          But LTTE means Terrorist. They need deferent things & they made so many problems in Sri Lanka They Totally destroyed some arias. Temples with monk, Church with priests. So many innocent civilians (Civilians more than lakh) Even they killed so many Tamil peoples.
          Some of Tamils support them because of they are Tamil no other things.
          Hard luck to England, USA & France also support them. We know very well about them & what they need they are the one spread this case & in the world we have so many experiences what they did.

          Anyway in Sri Lanka only One Nation it is Sri Lankan.

          Now All Sri Lanka is grooving with prosperity & developing.
          South Indians, England, France & USA blaming & shoving some fake films they try to make the some problems.
          Actually they should support to Sri Lanka Government.

  5. this is normal if the war just like that but now we my sri lanka is very good nobody die we was ding last 30y no body talk at that time now only they have see my lanka hehehe stop it.

  6. do not watch this channel…because there is real blood shakers…
    they wont to create war in sri lanka…f.u…

  7. Hay,, fucking idiot??? You are calling LTTE.. Rebels???? Are you nuts???? Go and find the way they have massacred thousands of people just because they wanted a “peelam” to bribe people money and that fat pig prabha wanted to be a “leader” like idie ammeen… If you dont know the history go and ask it from your mother.. Well do you have one??? I doubt…

  8. The main problem is not the language. All the Sinhalese, Tamils and muslims have been suffering from the capitalist system but they understand as those worses arise from opposite ethnic peoples activities.

    The day of understanding of this origin from where the whole worses really create will be the day for Sri lankans to start a real life for real live.

    Till then, Sri Lnkans will die from wars, from hungry, from accidents, from poorness and etc, while few peoples gathering their surplus money.

    Would you like to change this system ? Let’s do it. We can.

  9. what’s hell doing chanel 4.they want create some matter against
    to our government and they want to destroy our country.
    they are talking about human rights many innocent peoples are they killed.they tryed to
    wipe out our very important place also.some of them are, dalada maligawa, international airport.if so why didn’t they talk before.
    gods punished them sufficiently..

  10. who lives with tamils, they knows the truth, who lives in srilanka those are know how many people suffering from LTTE. every day bomb blast, how many people dies, how many mothers are woried about there sons. how monks are killed? one village how many funerels? may b 8 or 10. some footages was found full of SL army vehicel fired with patrol, some soldires are screeming? fuck, is that right. tamils tamils, all same, if he from india, thamilnadu,kerala, all same. so please dont forget past,

  11. I would like to invite the Channal4 to make a film on barbaric LTTE, who massacred 130 policemen who were under their custody in Baticlo. in 1983, massacred bus load of Buddhist priests at Aranthalawa, massacred 30 buddhists who were worshiping at sacred Bo Tree at Anuradhapura, massacred 160 Muslims who were praying at a Mosque.

  12. Our brave solders are eradicate the LTTE Terrorism. But we didn’t fight against the innocent Tamil people. LTTE killed thousands of Innocent people (No matter they Tamil/Sinhala/Muslim) or any others. We hate LTTE not to Tamil & others. Our mother land is Multinational Country. As a Sinhalese we are not to kill…… But Protect our mother land….     

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