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“Channel 4 Video on Sri Lanka is a fake”- video forensic analyst

You can watch the full “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field” Video – Here
Mr. Siri Hewavitharana, who is one of the world’s leading experts on digital video systems has been analysed the new Channel 4 video of alleged extra-judicial killings in Sri Lanka as a fake and a completely fabricated production. He is the former head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice division and presently the Executive Director of IPTV Systems in Sydney, Australia.

The new UN Rapporteur, Prof. Christof Heyns  claimed the video was authentic, after having it tested by three US forensic experts at the Geneva sessions of the UNHRC in June 2011, But it  was analyzed as yet another fake video by one of the world’s leading experts on digital video systems, the Ministry of Defense said yesterday.

You can watch the full “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field” Video – Here

The foreign affairs correspondent of the Channel 4 News of UK, Mr. Jonathan Taylor, claimed that the gun wielding men dressed in Sri Lanka army uniforms were members of the Sri Lankan security forces and that the alleged victims were members of the Tamil community without providing any proof as to their identities other than the UN Rapporteur stating that according to experts hired by him the video was authentic. But the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE),  possessed such uniforms having overrun Sri Lankan army installations in the past, which they donned to carry out atrocities against their own Tamil people and other ethnicities.

Full text of the analysis report published by Siri Hewawitharana:

It seems new Channel 4 video at UN is worse than the previous one even though new video supposed to show old video clip with added drama and whole video is fake with a date indicating UTC 2009-07-15 13 :17:23 and taken by a Video Camera and Not by a mobile phone as indicated.

Worst part is UN’s new Rapporteur Christof Heyns hired a new US based video specialist Mr Grant Fredericks to analyse the video. I am surprised, with his conclusion, that the video is Edited using Philips editing software and Never Came from the mobile phone since video is using an Optical Zoom which is not available in Any mobile Camera that is available to date.

To me, video editing is so obvious that all it needs is to look into the video end to see more than one video layer, and audio is also not synchronized in with the video as indicated by the previous Channel 4 video…. The technical foot print is identical on both videos indicating it is edited by the same software and by the same idiot.

Also Mr. Jeff S. Spivack is now giving different and conflicting answers but avoiding the main criticism that video is edited using a PC and he uses childish or dishonest analysis saying rudimentary editing possible on a mobile phone cannot do this type of a video… Who is he kidding?

At one part he says the video is edited using Philips software and using a PC and other part he said it cannot be done with the mobile phones editing applications…. How does he answer Mr Grant Frederick’s analysis saying these are high quality video that came from a Video Camera?

What can he say about 17 frames of video that is inconsistent with the original video? This anomaly was created by a new video wrapper that try to create from original video camera to the mobile video format and if you work in this area you know why this happened, except Mr. Grant says he does not know why it happened? It will be cheaper that, UN hire clowns since only clowns speak like that.

To me these are what I call hired guns with an agenda but I would not dignify these people saying they are experts in video. They are experts in downright incompetence or dishonesty that can be bought for 30 pieces of silver….

My technical conclusion that was done with the previous and the present video is almost identical to Mr Grant Frederick’s analysis.

See how following image that has been doctored. This was proven before and clearly shows how LTTE  supporters are trying to deceive International community. On left – People fleeing an artillery or similar attack with smoke rising in the distance. Terrorists have resorted to such cowardly tactics triggering large explosions within the CSZ for international consumption. (Image used by pro-LTTE Media).
On Right –the complete picture shows a smiling girl photographing the “fleeing” women using what appears to be a Nikon D Series camera. Click On the Image to enlarge.

You can watch the full “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field” Video – Here

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

3 thoughts on ““Channel 4 Video on Sri Lanka is a fake”- video forensic analyst

  1. I do not subscribe to this lie. We could have nipped this in the bud at the end of the war for the sake of SL. The govt. chose to take the path of least resistance and look where it got us. In a stew we cannot get out of.

    Get over this minority complex and for the sake of the patriotic Sri Lankans take the rap and suffer the consequences.

  2. Good you have now the proof that its a ‘fake’ by this so called expert after so many experts verified. So why can’t the SL sue the C4?
    Answer is simple and obvious.

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