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King Hanther Movie Story & Previews

“King Hanther” a comedy film has been released into the Sri Lankan cinema. Jayaprakash Siwagurunathan is not an unfamiliar name for Sri Lanka teledrama lovers, specially those who love comedy stories. Siwagurunathan was the director of popular comedy tele series like Ethuma, Methuma, Mathi Nathida, Bima Karanam, Short Cut, Nonawarani Mahthwaruni, kathura. SiwaKing Panther is Siwagurunathan’s maiden film.

King Panther Movie is an “Alankulama films” production. Story has been written by Mahesh Sathsara Maddumarachchi. Film cast include popular artists like Wijaya Nandasiri (king Panther), Mahendar Perera (Victor), Sanath Gunathilaka, Anarkali Akarsha (Victor’s Wife), Kumara Thirimadura(Minister), Semini Iddamalgoda, Janith Wickramage, Giriraj Kaushalya, Himali Siriwardana.

Story of King Panther

A few hundred years ago, there was a land which was divided into several regional kingdoms. A revolution which got underway to capture one of these kingdoms also saw the need by one of the ruling King’s loyal aides to protect him from harm. This loyal aide’s only wish was to ensure that this King ruled the kingdom in a fair and just manner regains control over not only this Kingdom, but the entire world. He puts the King into a deep sleeping spell and hides the King in a cave hidden from the rest of the world. Time went by and the events that unfolded got hidden in the past.

One day after a few hundred years, Hector, a criminal being pursued by the police seeks protection in the shelter of this cave. Lying on a stone slab to sleep for the night, he automatically becomes the key in waking up the King from his sleep. The cave door opens prematurely and the King wakes up during an unsuitable timeline. The King views Hector as a savior sent to look after his well being. The King has long known that one day, he will wake up into a world which is technologically advanced. The King finds it difficult to adapt to a changed world and people. Hector manages to sell all of the King’s processions except the crown. In the meantime, the King living in an apartment tries very hard, to make the wishes of his loyal Aide a reality. Will the events that unfold in this quest make him an accomplice of a modern day politician?

The King becomes frustrated over the actions of his officials in his original court hundreds of years ago who had been reborn in the current age and carrying out the same anti social acts. He also gets lost in a new social system. With the wish of waking up into a just society which he can rule and live in, the King decides to go back to a deep sleep. It is only Hector that realizes the King’s intentions while the majority assumes that the King is speaking senselessly. Hector becomes the key again and puts the King back in his sleeping spell. At that moment, Hector realizes that he was indeed the King’s original Loyal Aide.

From the beginning to the end, different social issues are dealt with humor while providing entertainment combined with a reality check.

Watch the Video Previews and More Images of the King Hanther Film Here.



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