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How Can Sri Lankan use the internet for a worthy course

There is a significant increase in Internet users in Sri Lanka. It’s not a sophisticated method anymore. But, the question remains “are we using the Internet for a worthy cause?’ Youth waste their precious time in Social Networking sites. There is no harm in building up a good social network around you. The truth is you are wasting economically precious time for both you and your country and you are a burden to your country’s economy.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for unemployed in the internet. Some awaits your expertise for their business, while some need your patience and decision making ability to become an income generating method. There is a trend of using “get rich soon” online projects which are 100% scams. It’s high time to form a National Institute for educating not only the unemployed youth but also the pensioners and stay at home moms about the legal income generating opportunities out there in the internet.  Empowering those social segments with necessary knowledge will strengthen our country’s economy.

Here are few major reliable opportunities:

1. Share Market Investments

Colombo Stock Exchange is at its peek at the moment. Several IPOs scheduled to be introduced to the market. With a sensitive knowledge about the market and with a minimum of investment one could gain high profits. Although it’s a popular investment opportunity among the Colombo community there is a lack of awareness in the outer Colombo community.

This is the best and less complex method one can use for earn an extra income. But you should thorough with your home work before get into the stock market as like in any other method, there is an element of risk involve here also. Beginners should trade with the assistance of a stock broker first before start trading online.

And the most important thing is many do not know that you can do the share trading online. Almost every stock brokering institution has this option available. Visit the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) web site for more details.

2.Forex Dealing

Although it’s not popular among Sri Lankans this is the most trusted method among the Europeans. The basics behind this method is buying and selling of foreign currencies. But when compared with other methods this is a complicated process.

One should have good knowledge about foreign currencies, international economic conditions, etc. with an above average computer skills. And that’s not all you must practice at least three to four months with a dummy module before trading live. It’s important to register with a dealer who offers the minimum initial investment offer. Forex  is a highly volatile market where the risk involve also is very high.

Tutorials and test modules are available in Internet for those who are interested. You can make a demo account and start trading on virtual money. This is the best way for you to start. Following is the link to one of best Forex trading platform where you can sign up for a free DEMO account.

CLICK – Sign up for a free demo account and learn FOREX trading for a bright future with Financial freedom

3. Outsourcing Projects

There are people and Institutions who need your expertise. For example you may good at Graphic designing or making software or you may be an excellent writer, then there are plenty of works you can apply. First you have to get register with couple of freelance job sites for free.

Registering with the site itself will not provide you with jobs. You have to submit an attractive summary about your area of expertise and skills. Some sites require you to take Online tests where they analyze your skills and marks obtained will be published with your CV.

Then you have to bid for the jobs listed there according to your area of expertise. Winning the bid depends on various conditions such as lowest bid, feed backs received, etc. One of the website we can recommend is freelancer – Click Here to Visit the Site.

Those are some of the proven methods of Internet jobs. Be vigilant and gather as much as possible knowledge about the opportunity you prefer. Please remember the most important thing you must do is share your success stories and failures among others, and that’s where your social networking sites can play a vital role. Be the first to build an economically strong community around you by sharing your knowledge and be a proud Sri Lankan.

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