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Is your wife also a “Huchakkuwa”? Funny

Advice to Married couples by Dr. Sarath Wijesuriya – Funny

Hey folks, watch this video of a talk given by Dr. Sarath Wijesuriya at a gathering celebrating the nurses day. He gives few important advices to both married women and men. I could not stop my laugh on few of his remarks. I agree with him most of the time. So if you are a woman watching this video, please wait until the last part where he gives the advice to husbands ; Make sure you increase the volume if husband is around and kids are not at home.

Dr. Sarath Wijesuriya is a senior lecturer in Colombo University and he has published few books. Dr. Sarath Wijesuriya’s many of the popular Sinhala books are;

Novels : “Avindu Andura” (අවිදු අඳුර, “Niranandaya (නිරානන්දය) , “Walpalama” (වැල්පාලම) , “Siyothrawaya” (සියොත්රාවය), “Mage Naduwa Iwarayi” (මගේ නඩුව ඉවරය), “Parapuraka Wistharaya (පරපුරක විස්තරය). Dr. Wijesuriya is also the founder of Wijesuriya Publishers.

Children’s Books : “Sirimath” (සිරිමත) , ( Mallige Sathuta) මල්ලිගෙ සතුට, (Ransi Paradayi) රන්සි පරාදයි.

Short Story Books : “Thaksalawe Geethaya” (තක්සලාවේ ගීතය), “Vimukthiya” (විමුක්තිය) , “Sira Kandawura” සිර කඳවුර, “Thaththa” (තාත්තා), “Thani Tharuwak” (තනි තරුවක්).

Literary : “Adaraya Danenna Jeewath Wenna” (ආදරය දැනෙන්න ජිවත් වෙන්න), “Nawa Kavi Adhyayanaya” (නව කවි අධ්‍යයනය), “Daruwanta Gahanna Epa” (දරැවන්ට ගහන්න එපා), “Nirmanakaranaya Saha Deshapalanaya” (නිර්මාණකරණය සහ දේශපාලනය).

Dr. Sarath Wijesuriya is also the founder of Wijesuriya Publishers.

OK I am convinced and I am going to wash my “Huchakkuwa” as well. Please leave a comment if you enjoy the video. Special Thank to Mr. Himu Ariyawansa.

Full video of this Speech is now available Here : Huchakkuwa Full Video

පාරේ යනකොට බෙන්ස් රථයක්, ගෙදරදී හුචක්කුවක් !


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9 thoughts on “Is your wife also a “Huchakkuwa”? Funny

    1. Obviously we know more about the usage of titles like Doctor , Professor than you Golaya. We are happy that we were the first to publish this video with credit to Dr. Wijesuriya. Some Web site had posted this video with the heading “Somebody Advices Married Couples”.

      I kindly request you to read more about the usage of these titles. If we are “mad lanka help guys”; I am thinking of an adjective to use for you.

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