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Major General Shavendra Silva Responds to Channel 4 Video

Majro General Shavendra Silva, one of the war hero who was in the fore front during the last stage of the war again showed his lion heart today. A team of NGOs (Crime group Society, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch) and Channel 4 Director Callum Macrae were trying to convince a group of ambassadors regarding human rights violation in Sri Lanka using the Channel  4 documentary in New York. Major General Shavendra Silva attended this meeting with out any invitation and raised to talk during the question session.

Sri lankan representative to UN  Mr. Palitha Kohona was invited to the meeting and during his turn to answer the question he introduced Major General as the right person to answer the questions. You can watch the video below to see the facts that Major General pointed out during his talk. He also comments about the major character in this documentary. It is reported that the Director of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Field” Documentary Callum Macrae had to keep his mouth shut while general was getting a round of applause from the gathering.

Well Done Sir ! , You Are a Real Hero, We respect you ! :



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5 thoughts on “Major General Shavendra Silva Responds to Channel 4 Video

  1. See the channel 4 film. the seen near the UN gate are wrong.they filmed that seen two locations.this is LTTE TRAGICOMEDY.

  2. You are a great heroic son of Sri Lanka, a true patriot.. Wish you more strength, more courage and more wisdom and…. many more years of service to Sri Lanka with the blessings of the Tripe Gem!!! Aparekka

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