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“I have sought legal advice for divorce” – Nehara Pieris

Last week all the “gossip medias” overflowed with a breaking news about famous tele drama actress Nehara Pieris. The news said that Nehara’s husband has hit Nehara’s father with an ash tray over an argument of Nehara’s secret affair with an another famous tele drama actor Menaka Rajapaksha. Menaka and Nehara were the main  characters of the hit tele drama “Muthu Kirilli”. The two of them acting as brother and sister in the ongoing tele drama “Amanda”. In most recently concluded “Raigam Tele Awards 2011” Nehara and Menaka were chosen as the most famous tele drama actress and actor.

Giving an interview to a media Nehara confirmed that she has gained legal action to divorce her husband Nirmal. Two of them were married after an affair of two years and had several arguments  during that period.

“My parents were initially against our marriage because of the clashes we had, but I had my own ideas as we were in love for a long period. The arguments increased after the marriage and we were so closed to be divorced couple of times, but being a popular star among the general public I had to act in a responsible manner”

“ Nirmal cannot control his anger” said Nehara. “There are ups and downs in any family, but as an adults we should be able to solve through discussion. At least I thought that way, but all of my efforts were in vain and I finally decided to go to my parents house”.

According to Nehara , she was living with her parents for the last couple of weeks.

“My parents asked Nirmal to come our place to discuss the matter on several occasions, but he didn’t come. That’s why I went to meet him to our house with my father,Nirmal’s younger brother and with a family friend that day. He burst in to anger while discussing and threw a ash tray towards my father. He was injured and hospitalized. If he can treat my father that way I wonder what he will do to me”

Replying to the rumors  about the affair she is having with actor Menaka Rajapaksha , “ Menaka is one of my best friends in the industry, I use to talk to him about my matters as were friends even before I met Nirmal. He is my best friend ever since we acted in “Muthu Krilli” and now in “Amanda” Nirmal and I had arguments even before our marriage, so there is nothing to do with my friendship with Menaka to this.

“ I have sought legal advice for our divorce. Nirmal has threatened to tarnish my reputation and popularity ,but  I am ready to face him. Nobody can let me down as long as my parents and fans are with me. They can understand the truth.”

When asked about her future plans she said, the shooting  of “Amanda” is over and “Ruwan Maliga” shooting is still on. “ I was offered with more tele dramas than ever. I have no fear about rumors. I will proceed stronger than before.”


Sandun W

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23 thoughts on ““I have sought legal advice for divorce” – Nehara Pieris

  1. Nehara is a bloody liar. She was having an affair with Nirmal since she was 14. She said to newspapers that she got blessing from her parents right away for her marriage. Now she is telling a completely different story to get sympathy.

    It is surprising that her husband actually forgave her for more than 3 years after knowing that she is a whore.

    Can’t beleive how much this woman can lie ! Cheap whore !

  2. I know this whole story. Nehara has admitted her relationship with Manake. Nirmal has been tolerating this family for a long time. The father has several women(which includes his Secretary),he’s in debt to several ppl, he has manipulated with the electricity system at his own home and now wanted by the what else can you say about this family..

  3. Nehara must still appreciate all the things her husband has done for her. Seriously, what man can sleep at night knowing his wife sleeps with someone else. Her husband is the one who made her who she is today (eventhough it is just publicity and no talent what so ever). She should be thankful if she has any value left still.

    Nehara’s dad absolutely deserve something more serious than this for bringing up his daughter like a MONSTER. Nehara is pure EVIL.

    A special hell must be created for a woman like her.

  4. One thing this woman can do well is lie like it’s real. I know about Nirmal and Nehara very well. Nehara was knowing Nirmal for years before she met Menaka. She never was a good student at school and always had crushes on boys. As I remember, she started her affair with Nirmal when she was in 9 th grade. Anyways, she was having this affair with Menaka for quite some time now. Many people have seen them together.

    Worse thing Nirmal did to her was loving her.

    After Nehara is done having fun with Menaka, she’ll get married to another dumb rich man.

  5. I know nothing about this Nehara. But I can clearly see from her statement that she is telling absolute lies. There are contradictory parts in her statement.

    I reckon she is a typical actress (beauty and zero brain)

  6. I have known Nirmal & Cookie[ Nehara} since they started their relationship. Nehara was a simle down to earth girl- So I thought..
    However after she got popular she changed her life style. I guess when you become famous you need to draw a line some where but not lose your true self. It was Nirmal who encouraged her to and took her into the limelight of fame and popularity. Intially when she started her affair she used to work at MAS Lanka as a receptionist and that too for a short period of time. Since it was her talent to dance and sing ans as she had family problems Nirmal and his mother advised her to take up dancing and to earn some pocket money to take part in commercials.
    It was Nehara grandmother who wanted them to get married at such an early age as she thought she would not live to see her eldest garnddaughter get married.
    All I could say is Marriage is a journey with many ups and downs. When you are a public figure you need be cautious and selective in what you do. Many little chidren look up to Nehara as a role model.Therefore shouldnt you be an example?

  7. It is sad to see that a woman can sell her everything… even her marriage… to stay in the news.


    Why are you this pathetic to tell your personal life story in public ? Sorry to say this, but you are becomming a looser every single day. Just think for a second. You will be a divorced woman at 23 with no education qualification and the only thing you’ll be known for doing is dancing on stage wearing less clothes. How does it feel ?

    Hope that you’ll have at least some intelligence in the future !

    u shouldent have lied in public abbout your husban like diz,, actually u WER my favourite actress in sl.. but u really really ruck now.. seriously..!!

  9. Nehara, Sometime back, I really liked you, but not at all now. Why do you want to tell lies about your husband to the public? To my knowledge, he is a nice person. I am sure one day you will regret about what had happened. DON’T SIT ON YOUR BRAIN. Think wisely before you do something. Don’t act like an uneducated person. Looks wont be there forever. You must have a good heart.

  10. You know what Nehara, if there is an award for “the biggest liar”, you will recieve it without a doubt. Any fool can see that you are lying… all the time.

    In every single interview of yours, you say something contrary to the previous interview of yours.

    Your “fame” will not last forever. You have that fame not for any of your acting abilities (I doubt you have any), but for your cuteness. Unfortunately, cuteness goes away when people gets to know that you are a divorced woman and you are a liar at the same time.

    You did a really dumb thing by saying bad about your loving husband. He may be not handsome, but he is deffinitely handsome in his heart.

    Another thing, we change the channel when we see your face in a tele drama.

  11. any married couple will have arguments. if the man learned his wife is sleeping with other men, it is quite understandable that he will fly in to a rage. (that is if the lady in question did sleep with other men). the other man refered to is a husband and a father. What of that family? If this lady is really going to cause a lot of problems by her willful actions to others then I think her actions will be unpardonable.

  12. Nehara,
    What is happening? What is with the bad comments?
    I used to be your true #1 fan. When you came to Australia, we performed in the same show, I was so happy, you were a beautiful doll, and I was backstage with you, and I felt so much bliss, I thought I would explode. Now, what has happened? You were such a role model, ever since Muthu Kirilli, through every step of Amanda and continuously throughout Ruwan Maliga, you were someone I was obsessed with, ask my friends, when I saw you that day, though you might not even remember me, I did not say a sentence without your name in it for months. I talked about you, I even got a simmilar hairstyle to you, I was OBSESSED. i WAS obsessed. You were my beautiful INSPIRATION. That’s right my INSPIRATION. Now what, what is happening? You are losing your beauty of heart, your reputation, your fans, even your family, you are losing your LIFE. Get a grip of REAL, be pure of heart, and of course, dont LIE. Yes, popularity means rumors but you have to show you are a good person rather than money, beauty and looks. Reading the other comments made me so confused, I really loved you Nehara. Im not going to swear at you, Just telling you, I loved you, and you have let your fans down. Dont lose humanity! Good! Kind! DOnt lose it. Im not sure where you’re fans are now, but they will move on. Im still with you, I was with you every step of the way, and Im still here. Unchanged. Dont you change again Nehara. Or you will lose not your beauty, not your husband, your LIFE.
    Tharushi, the fan that thought of you as a Godess, who now knows reality.

  13. This is for Tharushi who left the comment above. From your comment, I think that you are a little girl who loves watching nehara on screen. Dear, everything you see is not as sweet in real life. Let me tell you something about nehara. She is someone who did not even complete her high school education. She didn’t even do her A/Ls. She barely passed her O/Ls and stopped her studies. Just think of a girl who gets a very low grade in her every class and finally fails to finish her high school education. That is the best example I can give you for Nehara. Is there anything to admire in that ?

    Also, do not think that she got all her tele drama offers because she is so talented. She got all the offers, at least most of it, because she got something to offer for directors and producers. I hope you are old enough to understand that and no need to mention that it is disgraceful for a woman to do so. But she did it because she wanted to be famous.

    Finally, she is just a divorced woman who blamed her husband like an animal after she is done with him. Whole world knows how much freedom her husband gave to her and how much things he sacrificed for her. Anyways, why are you making a person with such a bad character as your role model ? Make someone successful as your rol model.

    Good luck !

  14. Umm, Actually I have this srilankan friend of mine whos my closest friend and she’s like tamil/muslim descent. By the way, what’s with the racist comments about this ”nehara”. Like seriously, I KNOW SHES TRYING TO BE AN IMITATION OF THIS AMERICAN SINGER WHO I WOULDNT WANT TO PIN POINT BUT UMM, ITS ACCORDING TO MY FRIEND, LIKE I DONT KNOW A SHIT ABOUT srilanka’s most embarassing diva’s ANWAYS, Yea she’s a real bitch, why does she exist after all.. one of god’s biggest mistakes .. -.- . Curse you nehara so go die in a hole, no one would even bother to give a fu** about you… DONT YOU ever EVER! DENY THE CLARITY OF YOUR HUSBAND, JUST BCAUSE HES DELICATE DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN PICK ON HIM…… SO GO SUICIDE, JUMP OFF A BUILDING, GET DYNAMITE, OR GET STABBED , OH MY GOSH JUST DISSAPEAR FROM PLANET EARTH ALREADY EVERYONE WOULD LET A SIGH OF RELIEF… YOU PROSTITUTE
    PEACE, Alex from Iceland

  15. tharu, why are you lieing that your living in australia? you seem to be a loser in srilanka… and dont try hard to be fluent in english. Iam way better than you trust me, another thing i’ve noticed that you keep repeating what you say like ” my insirpiration, obsessed obsessed all that crap,you dont even make sense, do you even take tutions, how did you even improve hahaha.. everyone knows your trying to perceive the visitors’s attention in this website so, please, dont cross the limits and keep in mind to speak like a srilankan, you worthless idiot … at least, and thats not my real name by the way… im not kalpana but someone else ,kids these days… *rolls eyes*

    1. Aiyo? Why are you so hurt with what she says??? Let her be Maldivian or Indian.  Who cares? And let her English be bad. Let her live in her fantasy (If it is a fantasy).  Move on man!  Get a life! Living In Aussie is no big deal..  If u have any issue with this Tharu person go fight with her in private. This is aboit Nehara and her statement. Not about you and ur anger towards Tharu

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