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Air taxi service begins in Sri Lanka

“It was a fantastic ride and we both enjoyed the breathtaking scenery on a clear sunny day and above all being up in the skies all by ourselves on our special day,” bride groom Danushka Magage said after their honeymoon air ride to a hotel in south of Sri Lanka. This was the first honeymoon ride operated by the Sri Lankan Air Taxi. The float plane had taken off from a dock in Peliyagoda, just north of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo and carried the couple to Koggala, in the island’s south within 30 minutes.The aircraft flies at an altitude of around 1,500 to 2,000 feet.

Sri Lanka has enriched with number of waterways, lakes and domestic airstrips located in close proximity to tourist attractions. With the launch of Air Taxi service Sri Lankan Air Lines will utilize these resources as a popular tourist attraction. This service will give tourists more time to explore the beauty of our island and reduce travel time between destinations. The fleet of Sri Lankan Air Taxis consists of Twin Otter planes on straight floats with a seating capacity for 15 passengers. All otter planes land on identified locations of lakes, lagoons & reservoirs.

If your desire is to get a quick glimpse of the pearl of the Indian Ocean, then it’s the Scenic Flight that suits you. Roaming over the sites of Kelaniya by the Kelani river; Bentota Beach Resort with River Bentara Ganga; Bentota lagoon and Bentota Beach; Koggala with lagoon and the beach the thirty minutes tour will give you breath-taking aerial views of this enchanted island.

Ever thought how a bird would see the beauty of this island? To get a bird’s eye view of Sri Lanka take a Charter Flight to destinations like Nuwara Eliya or Kandy,gliding through the misty highlands, flying over the green carpet of tea plantation and panoramic waterfalls you cannot give your loved ones a better gift than this one. Your kids will treasure the aerial view of the Polgolla and Victoria reservoirs for life.

Take your loved ones along the long stretch golden cost Bentota, Dikwella and Koggala where they can see the sun shined calm indigo blue sea. There’s a beach for all tastes, budgets and seasons in the lovely island of Sri Lanka. Koggala is where the marine turtles come ashore at night to laboriously dig a hole and lay their eggs, covering them up before heading back to sea.

Air taxi service will provide business and leisure travelers with the advantage of reaching their destinations in less than 85% of the time spent on surface travel. Adventure seekers will enjoy the view of the many breath-taking locations in Sri Lanka. Thinking of keeping the experience just for you and for your intimates, Sri Lankan Air Taxis can be chartered privately as long there is a suitable landing area. But the flights are operated only during day light hours and during acceptable Weather conditions.

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