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Strange Creatures in Galewela becoming Butterflies/Moths

Sri Lanka Meida recently reported the presence of strange white colour creatures in a Village in Galewela. These insects about one inch in size were living in a “Himbutu” tree in Mr. K.G. Somasiri’s garden at Pankolagolla, Galewela. Popular TV program “Atapattama” also showed these insects in their program and large number of people have been visiting the location since then.

We hope you must have been eager to find out more about these insects, So was me. Initially they looked liked a moving lichens to me. These insects have been found in Madagaskar and Other African countries. I could find some information about these strange insects in the science journals and these insects are the immature (nymph) Fulgorid Planthoppers species. Fulgorid belong to the order Hemiptera which includes true bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies. These Fulgorid planthoppers secrete a white waxy substance that forms filaments and the wax is a protection for the soft bodies insects.

You can watch the following video which reported the presence of this species in Galewela, Sri Lanka and The image in your right hand side shows how these nymphs at Mr. K.G.Somasiri’s garden have grown into adult stage (Image By M.D.Mahinda).

Yet Another Example of Sri lanka’s Biodiversity


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