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Kumar Sangakkara’s Cowdrey Lecture – Audio & Text

Former Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara delivered a hugely impressive speech today at Lord’s when he raised to deliver the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture. Kumar Sangakkara was the first Sri Lankan Cricketer to deliver a MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture. Sangakkara who is 33 year old and currently touring England is the first firsr current cricketer and youngest Cricketer to deliver this highly regarded lecture at Lord”s.

MCC  Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture started in 2011 in memory of the late Colin Cowdrey who was the first Cricketer to play 100 test matches. Cowdrey also a past president of MCC. “Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture” is held every year in July and has been delivered by distinguished figures  from across the world of cricket.

Sunil Gavaskar (2003), Clive Lloyd (2004), Geoffrey Boycott (2005), Martin Crowe (2006), Adam Gilchrist (2009) and Imran Khan (2010) are few of the popular Cricketers who have already delivered an oration.

Yesterday’s (July 04, 2011) speech  by Kumar Sangakkara mainly focused on history of cricket in Sri Lanka and he touched on many other areas related to todays Cricket and Spirit of Cricket.

Kumar Sangakkara recognized the role played by great Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranathunga in developing Sri Lanka cricket. He was through in describing how a small nation like Sri Lanka produced one of best Cricket team in the world. While vividly describing reasons for his early retirement from Sri Lanka captaincy, he described how politics have invaded Sport and the harm being done to the spirit of cricket. He described how, since Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup victory, Sri Lanka cricket administration had changed “from a volunteer-led organisation run by well-meaning men of integrity into a multimillion-dollar organisation that has been in turmoil ever since”.

Sangakkara did not forget to share his experience during the post Tsunami rehabilitation and  his experience in 2009 terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan. Keumar Sangakkara received a standing ovation for his stirring, eloquent speech from the distinguished gathering.

You can listen to full audio of Kumar Sangakkara’s speech in the following audio player and we will publish the video of the event in coming days.  Full text of Kumar Sangakkara’s lecture is available HERE. Watch the videos of Pannel Discussion Here.

Video of Kumar Sangakkara’s Speech is available now : Click Here


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19 thoughts on “Kumar Sangakkara’s Cowdrey Lecture – Audio & Text

  1. he is well-known as a fantastic and serious cricketer and this is an inspirational piece of work by him and mehala?(i can see mahela’s contribution as well as his name has not been mentioned anywhere although he is a legendary cricketer since long). i thought he only had the guts to face fiersome pace, but he has much more than that. his voice is very clear and expressive, his words are so touching. shows his usual professionalism here as well, without evoking controversy or resorting to derogatory remarks. cant wait any longer to be a fan of this great sportsman, a true ambassador of his wonderful nation. kumar is so classy!!! we need more people like him. wish him and his team mates ALL THE VERY BEST.

  2. Hey It is reported now Sri Lanka Sport minister is not happy about Sanga’s speech. It is said that he has ordered an investigation into Sanga’s speech. The charge against him is that he has criticized Sri Lanka’s Cricket Administration.

    It is sad to listen to these kind of news from Sri lanka continuously. Former Cricket interim committee easily ran away from corruption charges. Did this minister do any investigation in to those ?

    1. Minister of Sports would have to say that, as he didn’t receive any praise in the lecture presented so well by Sanga.

      Ministers who cannot take constructive criticism will not last long in power, even though they think they are God. Anyone you choose to ignore adverse comments made, will never learn to improve. Haven’t we all learnt from mistakes we have made in our lives.

      Well done Kumar.You are a true patriot to our country. We are all proud of you and all your achievments.MAY YOU CONTINUE IN THE SAME VIEN FOR YEARS TO COME.

      Kumar Sangakkara’s name will be remembered long after Ministers of Sport, who come and go like the monsoon rains, leaving devastation and rubbish behind them for others to clean.

  3. I think it is not only “Sanga’s criticism about Sri Lanka cricket Administration” which hurt the Minister. I think Sanga identifying Arjuna Ranathunga (rightly) as one of the great influence in Sri Lanka cricket development must have caused pain in Minister’s Ass.

    Also Sanga failed to mention the names of “Maharaja” and “Maharaa’s Phyisician” during this speech even though he mentioned their name when he was pressurized at the World cup final.

    I already see Sanga like a flying bird. He surely does not want to bother about this rascals. He is highly regarded all around the world and He will surely be a wonderful asset to Sri lanka in future.

  4. I love you Sangakkara. What a great cricketer he is. Great speech same as my mother who does politics in Galle, Sri Lanka. Sanga will get famous like our family in Galle and all over the world. We love you Sanga you are a great cricketer and a good speaker. I think political action committee is waiting for you. Greeting from my great Malwenna as well my Ex, he was a good chap. I am Manjala Wijenayake Angammana from Galle Fort. God Bless You For Your Future Of Cricket In Beautiful Sri Lanka.

  5. Sangakkara’s speech has disturbed Sports minister and he has ordered Sri lanka cricket interim committee to conduct an investigation in to his speech.

    Government supporters seem to be enjoying Minister’s steps as always. They say even though Sanga is correct he told it in the wrong place. Do you buggers think that ICC does not know what is happening in Sri Lanka cricket ?

    1. Everybody knows what country was the reason behind for ICC to bring anew law to prevent politics in Cricket.

    2. Why Sports minister dissolved the previous Interim committee ? Isn’t it a proof for “all the corruption charges against D.S.De Silva and the group” ?

    3. Has sport minister who did election violation ordered any investigation to all the corruption allegations against previous cricket administrators ? How can every media reports about bankruptcy in Sri Lanka cricket be false ?

  6. Kumar that was amazing, wonderful. Didn’t know that you are such a wonderful bowler. Is it pace, swing, cutters, spin, googly, yorker or doosra???? Whatever, it was a great DELIVERY………………… with just one DELIVERY you have bowled the entire opposition out ………….. mind boggling ………. I mean the DELIVER of the lecture at MCC. Well done. The entire cricketing world, past present and future, salutes you. Your are great.

  7. Wow! As Sri Lankans we should really be proud of this fearless and dynamic gentleman. Congratulations! Firstly, a majectic feat as a currently playing cricketer and the first ever nationide – bringing the so far hidden mysteries into the lime light in an amazing fashion from the core his heart which would have been boiling in him since defeat at the the worldcup 2011 finals.

    The so-called Sri Lankan style politians do what..take revenge, for the very reason why they can’t tolerate when the truth gets emancipated and surfaced. But as the true-sprited Sri Lankans, who loves the noble game of cricket and Sanga, should stand with him. When criticise ablaze…it’s good for the nation to rectify its proceedings and criticisms are always “great friends.” Anyway, thanks Sanga for opening up the garbage vessel and sincere efforts in instigating the cleansing activities. Whatever happens, true and spirited Sri Lankans will never droop down from loving you as the nation’s great son, statesman (to be), humanitarian and warrior. Keep going young man! Keep going!

  8. Kumar Sangakkara’s talk at Lords – Opportunity Lost

    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
    Shakespeare, William

    Excellent speech. But I am afraid it failed in one respect. Sri Lankans have this malady of airing our dirty laundry externally. Especially when it comes to crying to the international community. He had an international forum in his hand, for the betterment and unity of our country I would have preferred that he finished as positively as he begun.

    I agree that Sri Lanka has huge problems but also strongly believe that we need to deal with our own problems and not air our grievances to the outside world. Especially since none of the problems Sri Lanka suffers will actually be addressed by the west. Other than hurting us the most with sanctions like withdrawing the GSP Plus for the garment industry.

    The Rajapaksa style of governance must go, no doubt, but believe you me all of Sri Lanka must believe in healing ourselves.

    A good mate, both at Royal and we were together in Uni in the US now is a senior UNP Minister. I had the opportunity of entertaining him this Easter at my sisters’ house in Virginia. Obviously politics drove that evenings conversation punctuated only by the couple of hours we visited a ‘bar’. I finally got my mate to agree on what I believe that the main oppositions mandate or what really drives the UNP – they are happy to stay in opposition as long as they protect their principles. I think that this attitude will not get them elected as a majority in parliament.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe, my mate the minister and the UNP heir-achy are all millionaires in any currency. With immense respect to them, and especially my mate, principles are good and great. But not so when you are fighting nepotism and skullduggery in politics.

    Politics sans action other than crying to the west does not and will not work to address Sri Lanka’s problems.

    Sri Lanka has a 90%+ literacy rate. It’s easy to inform and convince our people as many of the newspapers and radio cover 90% of the island.

    We need to address our problems internally, not cry to the global world.

    Kumar is both a Trinity and Sri Lankan LION. My expectations of him and how he maximised his opportunity was disappointing. Many of you know very well how the west works. The buggers must have laughed at us after in private.

    That much I know is true. J

    What a wanker unfortunately does come to mind?

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