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Kalutara Calido beach – First Nude beach in Sri Lanka

Calido beach Kalutara is a very popular beach not only among the local residents but also among tourists. You may not know what is the Calido Beach is , But I am sure you have seen it if you ever crossed the Kalu Ganga (The Black River)  in Galle Road or in the parallel rail way track in Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

Kalu Ganga (The Black River) get a 90 degree turn closer to Kalutara Bodhiya and run few kilometers along the beach before reaching the sea.    Calido Beach is the thin piece of land, which run in between Kalu Ganga and Sea.   The Kalutara  urban council maintains the Calido beach area to protect its natural beauty. Many locals and tourists never forget to step into this magnificent beach area who come as devotees to visit “Kalutara Bodhiya;” a famous Buddhist Temple.

In 2005, this area was devastated by Tsunami which also took the lives of thousands of people who were enjoying at the beach and in the  Kalu Gaga (river). Unfortunately, the beach conservation projects that were successfully carried out in the area washed away with those monstrous gigantic waves in that time.Currently there is nothing remaining in the area except the beach which also has sandy play area where locals used to play Foot ball in the evening.

There are three schools which are just across the Kalu Ganga (river), namely Kalutara Vidyalaya, Holly Cross College and Velapura Maha Vidyalaya. Therefore, many school children get an  opportunity to view the natural beauty of river, temple, and the beach.

The beach is commonly populated by young and old couples. As one can expect, there are many illegal activities happening in the area all the time.  However, “Kalutara Police” raided the area few times in the past.

Calido beach was declared as a Tourist zone last year by the current Government and management was handed over to a one of the local leading Casino operating centers in Colombo.

Since then, there have been many proposals for the development of the area in  keeping with the government focuses on developing “Kalutara district” as a tourist destination.  While there is plan to develop “Kalutara” as a  fully accommodated religious city, the development plan for “Calido beach” has raised concerns not only among the public but also in Kalutara Municipal Council Board.

Following are some of the plans that were presented by Kalutara District MP and Deputy Minister, Rohitha Abeygunawardana, at the media briefing in Colombo in July 2010.

1. Develop Holiday resorts, cafeterias and other facilities needed for tourists .

2. Special Boat services from “Kalu Ganga” (The Black River) up to “Calido beach.”

3. Coastal garden and recreational facilities for visitors.

4. Generation of new avenues based on higher economical benefits.

5. Prevention of illegal activities that are taken at the place currently.

6. Developing religious places in “Kalutara District.”

In June 2011, a proposal has been put forward to have a nude beach in Kalutara and Stardust Casino has sought the approval from the relevant authorities.

Kalutara Municipla Council has strongly objected to this move as it does not only suite Sri Lankan culture but also the proposed area is within the vicinity of  “Kalutara bodiya,” a pious ground of many Buddhist devotees.  Kalutara Municipal council superintend, C.H.Munasinghe, has confirmed the Stardust’s plan to open a beach area for nudists. According to Mr. Munasinghe, there were some meetings held in the past with the relevant authorities to discuss the proposals of having nude beach in “Calido” beach area.

Wasantha de Silva who is in charge of Calido beach project agrees that there were discussions on the proposals but refuses to give more information regarding it.

Image of Kalutara Bodiya taken from Calido beach

We believe government has definitely  chosen a wrong place for the idea of having a nude beach. I am sure public in Kalutara area would not want their Calido beach to be like one of Wreck Beach (Vancouver, BC, Canada), San Onofre State Beach (California, USA), Appollo beach (Florida, USA) or Samurai beach (Australia). Kalutara has been renowned as a religious town for many decades in the country. Apart from that, “Kalutara bodhiya,” Holly Cross church, Hindu Kovil , Roman Catholic church have been other significant places over many decades and  locals considered the area as a pious ground. Therefore, attempting to transform “Calido beach” in Kalutara to a “Toruist nude beach” is very questionable as whether the responsible authorities targeting only economical aspects or else, really giving some kind of thoughtful consideration to build up the area as a historically valued place…..


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

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19 thoughts on “Kalutara Calido beach – First Nude beach in Sri Lanka

  1. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned it is not different to any other nation in the world when it comes to human behaviour. If same sex marriage can be accepted which is worse than nudists beach, I don’t see any reason as to why nudist beach should not come. On the other hand what good the religion has done when it comes to crimes commited. It is keeping its eyes closed when so much of crime done in the name of the religion. So called religious people themselves are unable to understand the need of equalities. So the religion has to change or man has to change to stop all these inhuman behaviours.

    1. I agree there are people who do not understand the need of equalities, human rights.
      But I do not generalize it to any group of people.
      There are good and bad people in any religion or ethnicity.
      Anyway religion is not what the followers do.

    2. What a mentality you have, You say accepting same sex marriage is worse. This is why our country always remain in the 3rd world, its because of the mindset. You marry a woman because you are attracted to women emotionally and physically, if someone attracts to their same gender he or she should be given the privileges to marry who that person wants. Its not all about sex, give it a thought.

  2. Seriouly whats the big deal of Nudist beach,,,, what so biggie about seeing people having fun naked in an open area or matter of fact being relaxed,,,, well i do not see the where our senses have gone, i mean we publicly show brutality killing, rape,murder, hatred openly which is horrific and creates pain to someone,,,, and such videos is watched by the whole family ….. whats the big deal in a pure nudist beach,,,,, i do not see it as a crime at all

    1. Thanks DillonDP for your valuable comments. Your comments are always encouraging us.
      We have not identified this as a crime but we think this is the wrong place for the first ever nudist beach in Sri Lanka. We have enough places in Sri Lanka that we can use for this purpose. I think the best place is the Rumassala beach where one can even now go and be nude.
      I have been in this place and the feeling you get when you see Kalutara Bodhiya from this place is so remarkable.
      I also agree with your comments about crimes and normalcy that they have gained. Thanks again!

  3. Nudity doesnt have to always have a sexual context to it.
    We have to realize that all nudity is not sexual and everything sexual is not naked.

  4. Should be allowed for the people over sixty years enabling young ones to understand what they all will be later and to know much about life.

  5. I think location is suit for the purpose because that can be isolated from locals. If its need to implement practically better use “naturalist beach “instead of nudist. (syabahawa rasikayange werala) If need sinhala term

  6. It was reported today that Sri Lanka tourist board and higher officials in the government have come to a conclusion to establish Nude beaches in Sri Lanka. The final discussion has been held at Peacock Beach Hotel in Hambanthota.

  7. That is nice.Only one thing this country was lacking. After this Calido beach we are proud nation in the universe.I love it. Mama harima Kamthi ekata. I would like to participate to inauguration.I LOVE it.

  8. Just imagine the the people we see fully dressed up naked.I visualize them in my mind and I see the devals lord Buddha chased from Mahiyanganaya.
    I doubt of any type of sexual arousal if thats the reason that prevents nude beaches in Srilanka.
    If nude beaches are opened for locals many with proper senses will run away after seeing our Yakkas.

  9. We love Nudity and hope more people would try outdoor nudity here in Sri Lanka – young, old, male and female. However, the Kalutara Bodhiya should not be the backdrop for it. It’s a prominent landmark and is inappropriate as the ever-present feature in the near distance of a nudist beach.

    Another approved location with enough seclusion and privacy would be great and we look forward to it. Until then, we will, like others into it, take a few risks…

  10. Lets have some fun. Unfortunately, our ppl will start staring at naked human bodies just like pirmitive apes…. Let it go……… May be it is time for some hunks and chicks in SL to show their beautiful tan skin….

    1. Unfortunately seems like this will not go trough. The biggest problem is that our people dont understand how much fun it would be to have a place like this. where people can be one with nature & relax. 

  11. I went to the Greek islands last year and discovered nudist beaches. I love it so much I am going back this year for 3 months. It really has nothing to do with sex or sexuality. I believe a nudist beach would attract a lot of tourism to Sri Lanka if that’s what they want. I would visit myself. I will be in Sri Lanka soon and wish the beach was operating now!

  12. Definitely the wrong place to have a nude beach. Also, as a person from the area I know so many bad things were happening in the mini jungle of Calido beach. Kalutara police raided this area several time and arrested local couples.

  13. our people need to open up to the world & start living a little. we are still living in the past. It would have been nice to have a place like this where people can go & enjoy nature the way it was meant to be

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