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Musician Ananda Perera Needs your Help

Famous Sri Lankan musician Ananda Perera is receiving hospital treatment at the Kandy National Hospital due to kidney failure. Ananda was  the founder of the band “Shakthi” which was later named as “Siha Shakthi”. Siha Shakthi was  a Sri Lankan band that was composed of vocalist/instrumentalist Ananda Perera, tablist/arranger Gallage, vocalist Jayantha, instrumentalist Mahendra, vocalist Sangeeth, instrumentalist Asoka, instrumentalist Dhananjaya, and percusionist Lelum.

Ananda Perera is suffering from  severe Kidney failure and was admitted to the ward number 65 at Kandy Hospital. Doctors treating him said that he need an immediate kidney transplant. Several donors have came forward  and the doctors have found a match after the tests are being conducted.

The cost of the medicine to be given at the time of transplant will be  around 3 to 4 hundred thousand which the Ananda’s family members cannot afford at the moment. Also there will be huge expenses they will have to bare even after the sugary for post treatments.

Ananda Perera is a son of Great artist W.Ciril Perera who was ananda’s Teacher as well as for many artists like Victor Rathnayaka, W.D Ariyasena. Ananda has a tremendous talent as a vocalist and instrumentalist .”Sriya Manamath wee”,”Wela yana athatai” were some of his very famous songs. Sri Lankans are known for their kindness and their love for music. It is our responsibility to look after our artists when they need our assistance. After all they dedicate their entire life to entertain people like us.

සිහ ශක්ති ආනන්ද පෙරේරාට ශක්තියක් වෙමු.

සංගීතවේදී ආනන්ද පෙරේරා මහතා ඉතාම අසාධ්‍ය තත්ත්වයෙන් මහනුවර ජාතික රෝහලේ හැට පස් ( 65) වැනි වාට්ටුවේ මේවන විට නේවාසිකව ප‍්‍රතිකාර ලබමින් සිටින බව වාර්තා වේ. දරුණු වකුගඩු රෝගයකින් පෙළෙන ඔහුගේ වකුගඩු දෙකම මේවන විට අක‍්‍රිය වී ඇතැයි පැවසේ.වෛද්‍ය නිගමනය වී ඇත්තේ හැකි ඉක්මනින් වකුගඩුවක් බද්ධ කළ යුතු බවයි.

Any Person who would be willing to aid with donations for the support for his life please contact “Ananda Perera Suwashakthi Organisation”

M.G.Perera Memorial Kalayathanaya
729, Peradeniya Road,Kandy, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 0813 800319, 077 9646525

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