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Thisara Chanaka’s Hindi Song On Sirasa Super Star Generation 4

Sirasa Super Star generation has come to the last few rounds of the generation 04. If you are a Sri Lankan music fan  and If you were following all the music  reality shows in Sri Lanka, You may not want to miss this particular performance that we are going to post today.

We think today was one special day in Sri lankan reality shows history where we got the chance to witness one of the best song by an amateur Sri Lankan singer. The theme for songs in the Sirasa Super Star generation 04 today ( last six contestants round) was Hindi songs. The third contestant of the day was Thisara Chanaka who had so far got mixed comments for his previous performances from the judge panel.

Thisara today sang the song ” Tu hi meri shab hai ” from the Hindi movie “Gangster”.The original song is sung by Krishan Kumar Menon (Popularly known as K. K) and music is by Pritam. Gangster movie was released in 2006.

Thisara Songs today was appreciated with standing ovation by Sirasa Super Star judge panel which included Visharada Heshan Gamage, Visharada Champa Kalhari, Madu Madhawa Adavinda and Korin Almeda. For the first time in Sri Lankan music reality show history, the group which includes musicians like Nadeeka Jayawardana, Lelum Rathnayaka also stood up and applauded the great performance from this young star.

In my views, we were also lucky today to listen to the best comment by a judge in a reality show stage. Humble Heshan thanked Thisara’s parents and Sirasa TV for  building up this young talented singer. Heshan who is an educated musician finished his comment Saying ” I would not have performed better if I were to sing this song on stage”.

Unfortunately the trend in recent time was that the most appreciated and well performed singer left the contest due to low SMS count. We hope tomorrow we will not see a repeat of this.

We are posting both the original song and Thisara’s song and hope you will love to enjoy it again and again.

Thisara Chanaka’s Sing Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai song at Sirasa Super Star 04.

Original Song by K.K in Gangster Movie


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