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Are all Sri Lankan actresses prostitutes ?

Sri Lankan Tele drama actresses are seems to be going through a bad period at the moment. While couple of them are having their marriage life in jeopardy few were taken in to custody for prostitution. The incident begun after the police has raided a brothel house run by an elderly tele drama actress in Athurugiriya, subsequently led to arrest another four actresses. Police have uncovered a prostitution ring that uses young actresses for prostitution by using persons from outstation areas as managers of the racket. The raiding of brothel houses accelerated with the raid of “Madam Jeena’s” luxury brothel house at Liberty Plaza shopping complex last December. Rosemary Jude Perera alias ‘Jeena Madam.’was further remanded until 29th july by Colombo high court recently.

A reader commented to news of arresting an actress over prostitution has asked, “whether the prostitutes become actresses or the actresses become prostitutes?”. Either way it is not good for the future of entertainment industry, because most of the people tend to put all the actresses in the industry to the same category. With the presence of thousands of gossip sites in the web, rumors and moral turpitude news gets wings. An actress who played a minor role in a single episode of a tele drama  also named as a “famous tele drama actress” in so called gossip sites. With the absence of media discipline it’s the majority of respectful actresses who suffer the most. The damage has been done even they have taken legal actions to safe guard their good will.

Then there is another aspect of the matter, a few senior actresses and actors act as brokers to supply tele drama actresses to politicians, business personals and others who ready to spend high values. The victims of these brokers would be either new comers to the field or young girls searching opportunities to enter to the industry. There are young girls who are willing to do anything to get a character in a tele drama or a film. Photographers of cinema magazines and gossip sites are the other culprits; somehow they manage to get photos of young girls in semi naked, short or wet dresses to be published in their media to get high publicity. Those girls will be an easy catch for those brokers. The pressure these new comers receive from the directors, producers and other senior people to adultery is also not to be underestimated.

Thus the strengthening of legal procedure is inevitable, prostitution the oldest profession of mankind is cannot be uprooted from civil society by mere legal procedures itself. People themselves need to be respecting each other in a respectful manner as brothers, sisters, fellow workers, team members and so on. And the both electronic and print media personals should implement a self discipline when reporting news. It is not reporting first, but reporting the absolute truth that is more important. Unveiling the powerful hands behind these unlawful acts will prevent innocent girls fell victims to this dirty profession.

We are at Lanka Help Magazine always tried to publish the truth of every incidence with due respect for all the parties involved. If you see another aspect of this article please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

1 thought on “Are all Sri Lankan actresses prostitutes ?

  1. Why worry about and actress. As if we and all of us including our maharaja are saints.
    How many of us had slept with other women in our life-times and if not it is just only the opportunity did not occured to have fun.
    Just leave them alone!!!

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