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How Sri Lankans are different from rest of the world – Videos

“We, Sri lankans, are different from rest of the world” is the theme for Lanka Bell latest promotions. In their quest to promote Lanka Bell as a product of 100 % Sri Lankan, they have chosen this promotional method which is clearly out of ordinary  marketing. Lanka Bell talks about Sri Lankans hospitality and deep rooted values in these commercials.

These commercials have been directed by Saminda Ranawaka. The script writer and creative director is  Prageeth Prasanjaya. Channa Deshapriya  is the Cameraman and Make up is by Samarasiri Kahandagama.

Use of music and Sri Lankan folk songs are a very special feature of these set of commercials. Popular Sri Lankan folk music artists Saman Lenin and Ruwan Shri Walpolla have added the true Sri Lankan rhythm to these videos.

Senior Actor Wimal Kumara De Kosta appear in the “Sri Lanka National Anthem” video. Wimal’s acting in this commercials are as always realistic and emotional.

We stand up when ever we see a senior and we all respect our National Anthem. Even a differently-abled (Disable) will stand up to respect  the Nation when “Shri Lanka Matha” being played or sung.

Lanka Help Magazine thought of sharing these videos with our readers as Sri Lankan expatriates may not get a chance to watch these on Television. We hope these videos will be  of interests and very touchy to Sri Lankan expatriates community who miss the mother lanka. Hope, you will take few extra seconds to share these videos with your friends and family.

Helping Seniors – It is in our blood, We respect our Achchi and Seeya (Grandma & Grandpa ).

Respect the Nation – We love you mother Lanka

Sri Lankan’s warm hospitality – “Thun sinhalayama Nadayo”

If you liked these videos please share your thoughts with us by commenting, sharing or pushing the Facebook like button. I feel proud to be a Sri Lankan, hope you do the same.


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

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