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Vimukthi Jayasundara’s Bengali Film – “Chatrak”

Vimukthi Jayasundara has already made three films, namely “The forsaken Land” (“Sulanga Enu Pinisayi” – 2005), “Ahasin Wateyi” (Between two worlds – 2009) and “Chatrak (Mushrooms, 2011). But Sri Lankan film fans could only watch “The forsaken land” which also removed from film halls within few weeks. “The forsaken Land” won the Camera de `Or award at the Khan International film festival in France in 2005. Vimukthi’s second film “Ahasin Wateyi” represented Venice Film festival in Italy in 2009 and won the Netpack award at the Barcelona Asian film festival in the same year.

Vimukthi Jayasundara’s film ‘Chatrak’ is important in many aspects. ‘Chatrak’ is the very first film that has been directed by a Sri Lankan for a non-Sri Lankan producer in a foreign language. The film also represent India at Film festivals as it is a Bengali language film. In May 2011, ‘Chatrak’ screened at Khan film festival in Italy representing India in ‘Director’s Fortnight” section. Bengali businessman Vinod Lahothi has produced the film. Les films de l`entranger, Bear called Dog and Wallpaper Productions are co-producers of the film who have mainly engaged in post production marketing of the film.

The main character of this film is Rahul who come back to Kolkata (Calcutta) after working in Dubai for few years. There is one who has been waiting in Kolkata until Rahul returns home and that is his girl friend Paoli. The story is based on reunited couples journey to the jungle in search of Rahul’s mentally ill brother.

Kolkatta and West Bengal were the filming locations for ‘Chatrak’ which took 28 days for shooting. Camera of this film is also by another Sri Lankan, Channa Deshapriya. Upcoming Bengali actress Paoli Dam, Sudeep Mukarji, Anubathra Basu, Sumith Thakur, Shanker Dey play the main roles of this film.

Vimukthi has been introduced to this Bengali film producer by Bappadithya Bandopadya. Bappadithya is a close friend of ‘Chatkar’ film producer Vinod Lahothi. Bappadithya is the director of ‘Kagojer Bou’ (The Paper Wife) which is also produced by Vinod Lahothi. Vimukthi’s respect to Indian film makers like Sathyajith Rai and Rithwik Gatak has impressed Vinod to initiate discussion on this film.

The main actress in “Chatrak’, Paoli Dam is very popular upcoming actress in Bengali film industry. Paoli’s first film was Gautham Gosh’s ‘Kalbela’ (2009). Since then she has appeared in many Bengali movies under many popular Bengali film directors like Athanu Gosh, Rithuparno Gosh, Raja Sen, Basu Chatergy, Anup Sen Gupta. At the Khan film festival Paoli was exited to be present in the film festival and she said ” I hope ‘Chatrak’ will be an international hit. Bengal is a film producing state and we have always had an international audience”

Vimukthi Jayasundara got his filming education in Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts. His first short film ‘Empty for Love’ was produced by this institution and it was screened in Khan Film festival in 2003. In the same year Vimukthi won best director award at theNovo mesto International short film festival. Sri lanka war based documentary ‘ The Land of Silence’ also one of vimukthis best creations which represented many film festivals.

This talented, young Sri lankan film directors is now getting ready for an American main stream film. Lanka Help Magazine wish him all the good luck. Following is the preview of ‘Chatrak’ movie.


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