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I continue singing H.R.Jothipala songs – Surendra Perera

“I will not sing Jothipala songs for money” the famous heartthrob Sirasa Super Star singer Surendra Perera said many a times to media. But he has broken his promise very recently with the release of his newest album “Me Jeewanaye” with M Entertainment. Surendra’s second solo album ‘Me Jeewanaye’, consists of some of the most popular and sought after songs of the legend H.R. Jothipala including “Diya Kinduriya se sagare”, “Villuda punchi depa”, “Dulika”,”Nidi nethi  re”. The song “Diya Kinduriya Se”,was reproduced by Surendra and made even more popular in an era after Jothipala and was a hit among Sri Lankan music lovers, and also was a proof of Surendra’s artistic capabilities.

The release of the album brought up mixed comments among the music lovers, especially because H.R.Jothipala’s name was not mentioned anywhere in the album. It was Surendra who has to face all the high criticism and said,

“Actually I don’t like to talk about it; I have sung those songs because my fans requested me to do so in numerous occasions. They love both H.R.Jothipala and me very much and they know I will do no harm to this music legend. My fans have embraced this album and I’m receiving lots of positive feedback from them, so why should I hear what others say?”

“It was Sarath de Alwis who invited me to do this album because both Jothipala’s and my fans believe it is me who can sing Jothipala songs better than any other artist.”

Commenting on Jothipala’s family member’s negative attitude on others singing Jothipala songs; and not mentioning his name in the album;

“I’m not the producer of this album, I only had to think of Jothipal’s and my fans which I did. After all it is Jothipala fans who have SMS me to come to the finals of Sirasa Super Star so I have full filled their request.”

“Why should I be blamed about not mentioning his name in the album? I’m not the one who creates the cover.  I have done my part to the fullest which is singing. I’m fed up with this criticism, am I the only one who sing the Jothipala’s songs?”

Surendra Perera is an artiste whose name has become more than common in any Sri Lankan household. Surendra began his musical career after being placed second in the coveted title of Sirasa Super Star, and since then he has not looked back. It has been just over two years since the release of his ever popular debut album ‘Vahi Pabulu’, and he shows no signs of slowing down.Currently over 20,000 units of his albums sold, island wide, and his second album “Me Jeewanaye “ is bound to reach greater heights.

“ I can make a living and stay on top in music industry with my own music, my first album “Vehi pabalu Sali” was a hit and the particular song remain top in almost every local music charts for couple of months. If my fans request I continue singing H.R.Jothipala songs”

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

10 thoughts on “I continue singing H.R.Jothipala songs – Surendra Perera

  1. surendra has done a great job. it is ok to sing jothipala’s songs due to many reasons, the lyrics you cant find lyric writes of that nature now a days. his voice he is not doing any unfair to the original like H.r soysa or nuwan gunawardana did. the music he has not sang for sun flower music so surendra has done a great job.
    in surendra’s way with out tht kind of music compsing and lyrics he will never sing jothi pala type music so must encourege his to do it not attack him. jothipal’s sinhala music which catered the commons is carried forward by this young guy enocourege him not attack him.

  2. I feel surendra has done a great job with the Jothi songs, though not comparable with the ever green originals. He is the only singer who can do justice to Jothi songs. Several others have only succeeded in destroying the beauty and the soulful feelings in Jothi’s songs.
    It must be remembered with gratitude that it was surendra who brought Jothi’s songs to the limelight again with his soothing renderings on the super star stage and made them loved by the elite classes in the country, who earlier looked down on Jothi as a pavement singer.
    However it would have been even better if the producers entitled this CD as a tribute to the legend. We cannot blame surendra for that lapse on the part of the producers.

    1. Yes, I also agree with you.To be honest I think Surendra has ad more flavour to many Jothipala songs. The song “Diya kinduriya se” is a nice example,where Surendra has go beyond Jothi.

      Another interesting fact is that, we never herd world acclaimed artists in India complain about reproducing their originals by young generation.

  3. I think Surendra can not escape from the fact that Jothi’s name is not in the album. He has to make sure that due respect is paid to the original creators. He may be a good singer but he is not an intelligent fellow. Otherwise he would not have given these stupid excuses.

  4. Why do we argue about a Hindi song music? If an Indian citizen see these arguments he may laugh about foolish Sri Lankans!

  5. I just like to add an important comment on “STEALING ORIGINAL WORK WITHOUT CITING OR GIVING CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL PERSON OR PLACE.” If such thing happen in any western country, these people would be in court or paying the damage. In SL I wonder if anyone can take legal action of stealing the original work and distributing or selling as their own (even the second or later version better than the first). This is ridiculous guyz! When someone put their valuable time, effort, energy, and money, then some bugger comes along the way and steal the original work. Then they try to get popularity without even giving credit to the one who really did it. This is called “Pimpy begging work,” because don’t even have any dignity or value and just steal and try to be “The gamer.” I am not only blaming Mr. Surendra, but all the SL pimpies out there, who steal other’s own creation and show it as their own. Get a Life “F******* faggggzzzzz”

  6. Surendra, api oyata sms gahala super star kale beela minissunta gahanna newei. Oba gahawwe obema rasikayektai. Laggai maha loku kithunuwo hasirena akaraya. oka thamai nugathunta prasiddiya labunama wenne.

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