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Documentary on Sri Lanka War By Real People who were in the War Zone

Former LTTE members, Members of Parliament from War affected area and Doctors from North and East conflict zone have come forward to tell the truth in response to Channel 4 accusations against Sri Lanka government. These are the real people who were in the war zone and they are the people who know the truth.

The government of Sri Lanka adhered to “Zero Civilian Casualty” policy. Government conveyed to all troops through repeated training and operational orders the importance of protecting civilians in the conflict zone. Despite Sri Lanka governments efforts to protect civilians, the ruthless LTTE recruited young children as combatants, lay mines in civilian area, engaged in ethnic cleansing campaigns and denied the basic human rights and democratic freedom of people in North.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka defense released its report on the humanitarian operation recently. You can read this document “Humanitarian Operation – The Factual Analysis” – HERE

You can watch the documentary in the player given below. Please share this with all Sri Lankans living all around the world.


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4 thoughts on “Documentary on Sri Lanka War By Real People who were in the War Zone

  1. I think as Sri Lankans we all have a responsibility to promote this documentary. This documentary and the report clearly show how ruthless LTTE was and Channel 4’s stupidity.

  2. i agree with Channa,but rather than promoting this we need to tell people to question more about the facts that this documentary comes up with..unlike the Channel 4’s so called ‘documentry’ you can indeed challenge and inquire more into the sources and facts behind this reply..

    we should thank the whoever produced this reply as they have presented true facts with rigour and that’s why i say, any and all sceptics should inquire and question more..and they’ll see who is telling the truth here!

    thanks Lanka Help Mag.for this interesting post!

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