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Himali’s passion for “Angampora”

Actress Himali Siriwardene is learning “Angampora” (a traditional Sinhalese combat art) these days. “I have learnt few techniques necessary for a Tele drama, but love to continue learning” said Himali. She has been chosen for the leading character in Wimalaratne Adikari’s latest Tele Drama to be telecast soon on Rupavahini.

She is playing four different characters, as two village girls, a model, and as a Tamil girl who were cheated by a single person in “Binari” Tele drama telecasting every Sunday on Rupavahini.

“It was a challenge for me to play four characters in the same drama, I had to differentiate the way they talk, dress and even the way they walk. Specially, the character of Tamil girl was tough. I am but glad that I accepted it because I’m having lots of feedback from my fans. And also it was a record in Sri Lanka’s Tele drama history to play four characters in a single Tele drama by one person.”

Himali also appears in “Kiri kawadi” and “Pawana se awidin” Tele dramas telecasting now. Her breakthrough role in “Sandagala tanna” Tele drama was much adore by her fans.

Before catching the imagination of countless Tele drama fans Himali appeared in several commercials and still continue accepting commercials. Her latest commercial with Anton Jude and Rodney for CIC Tikira tractor gained much popularity recently.

Although Himali is a talented actress she is not a prominent figure in the Film industry. “ I have acted in only four films, “One Shot”,”Sonduru Wasanthaya”,”Suwanda Danuna Jeewithe” and in “King Hanther” screnning now. But all of them are small characters.” She is willing to accept more films if given a suitable character.

“I schooled at Our Lady of Victories (OLV) Convent in Moratuwa, and from my school days I had the liking towards dancing”, I initially studied Kandyan dancing and then subsequently I switched onto Western styles,” she said with a glint on her eyes. To further underscore her interest and passion for dancing Himali has also formed a dancing group titled `Sensation’where she has been feted at numerous Tele drama festivals, musical shows and music videos, and spoke humbly about the exposure she has got both locally and abroad.

“We indulge in freestyle Western dancing most of the time, she said “We also have our own dancing creations like oriental and perform mostly at company shows and indoor shows as against outdoor events.”

Himali participates as a judge in the “Derana City of Dance” reality show.

Himali Siriwardene is married to Senash Perera who gives her the necessary encouragement and support to balance her professional life with her family commitments.” We have been married for four years, and living with my in laws now”

When asked about the secret of her everlasting beauty Himali said; “We have to travel a lot and get used to various weather conditions, spend hours on locations even without good night sleep which directly affects our health and appearance, so I have a control over my meals and regular with my daily exercises.”

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