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The fish which can live outside of water – True facts

A Fish which survives without water – Story from Sri Lanka – Video
This story of an incredible Gourami fish living outside of water comes from Sri Lanaka. Recently a popular Sri Lankan News Channel, Swarnavahini broadcasted an amazing video of a real Gourami fish in Bataduwa suburb, in Galle City, Sri Lanka. This Giant Orange colour fish can do strange things that other fishes cannot do. Even it eats tomatoes, water spinach (kang-kung); its favorite food is “chocolate.” You will see it in the video (See below) that the owner is giving him Chocolate. Once someone brings a chocolate near to the water pond, the fish quickly comes to grab the chocolate.

It is funny how the cats watch all the scene of chocolate eating. Probably they are jealous of the entire fishy scene going on in their neighbourhood. Watch out! The Gourami is out of water. It’s his show time outside water! The owner takes the fish out of water and holds it and pats it. The fish has the habit of opening its mouth like a kid, once in the owner’s hands. The owner’s little son and daughter love their fish so much. The owner’s son sings lullaby songs to the fish, while Gourami fish is resting on a pillow. Not only children cuddle the fish, the pussy cat friends also get into fish’s body and lick it. However, if the cats do any hurting to our fella, Gourami, then the fish quickly jumps into the water pond near by.

The owner says this fish is a “Giant Gourami,” and initially it was about the size of a finger nail, weighting now approximately 7kgs. It eats onions, chillies, even curd and honey. From its childhood, it grew up as a cuddly fish. Watch how owner’s daughter keeps it in her lap while swinging. The fish can stay about 20 minutes outside of water. The owner says their fish is like a cat.

The owner’s son says, it likes the patting and love to sleep. It loves when others stroke its mouth part area (According to the family, fish love to stay outside longer when someone stroke its mouth part area). The News announcer says that love can do much more things in life. After all, this kind of fish and human relationship, full of love and care can bring beauty to our nature. It’s no wonder that Nurture and Nature goes together in this universe! Watch this video first and go below to read how this fish survive without water.

How does this fish survive without water ?
Even it amaze many of us regarding the fact that Giant Gourami fish can live outside of water for prolonged period, they can actually live without water for even hours. It is not surprize that some fishes have special organ in their system called “Labyrinth,” which allows the fishes to breathe air from the surface of the water. This special organ acts as a survival mechanism of fishes when in a low oxygenated and high temperature environment. Some Labyrinth fishes are able to crawl across land to another water bodies. The “Climbing Perch” is another type of a Labyrinth fish that can even climb trees. Here are some of the popular species of Labyrinth fish; Betta – Betta Splendens, Blue Gourami – Trichogaster trichopterus, Chocolate Gourami, Dwarf Gourami – Colisa lalia, Giant Gouarmi, Honey Gourami – Colisa chuna “Gold”, Kissiing Gourami – Helostoma temminckii, Moonlight Gourami – Trichogaster microlepis, Paradish Fish, Pearl Gourami – Trichogaster leeri, Powder Blue Gourami – Colisa lalia, Snakeskin Gourami, Sunset Gourami, Three-Spot Gourami – Trichogaster trichopterus.

2 thoughts on “The fish which can live outside of water – True facts

  1. I wonder why Swarnawahini did not tell this is the power of “Galthanna” dewalaya. Sri Lankan main stream media (both print and electronic) promote all nonsense. This is what happen when you employ uneducated buffoons.

  2. This reminds me an experience I had in 1969 as a choolboy at Hanwalla ( No not at Hanwella). There were several huts selling fresh water fish close to the bus stand. (Where the market is situated now) I used to watch all the multi coloured fish of various sizes and shapes. Generally most of them were alive.

    One day a young man asked the fish vendor (as usual a stout middle aged woman) whether the fish of his choice could be kept for an alms giving next day. She advised the customer to keep the fish in a bowl of water and put a heavy cover on top. the fish was then wrapped in a banana leaf and a news paper two ties were made. (The fish may have been 10 to 12 inches long). The man kept it inside a rattan basket which was almost full (these were the very popular at the time) and walked away. Before he moved a few feet the fish made a sudden twist and jumped out of the basket. The man took the fish to the vendor and and complained about its bad behaviour. The vendor hit the head of the fish with the blunt side of her knife and gave it back. Probably that fish may have survived more than 7-8 hours out of water. It was common knowledge at that time that fresh water fish do not for hours when fished.

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