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Norway, UK, USA – I don’t know why?

During the past three decades and during the recent time the countries like UK,USA and Norway did everything they can to tarnish our country’s image. So called human right movements and even the UN and the head of UN Banki Moon was against us.

Thousands of civilians and children were killed in broad day light by USA together with NATO in Libiya but, Banki Moon is dead silent, No committee was appointed to safeguard the human rights of those civilians. And no videos from Channel 4 .

Now it’s the time to payback for all the sins they have done. The Mother Nature has begun creating ill fate on them on her own ways. We are not happy for the incidents took place in England or Norway, but it’s what you grow that you harvest.

Here is the English translation of above parody. We have posted the original song (“I don’t know why?) by Sunil Perera below.

Who boasted about the five star democracy?

England & America

Who is the savior of Human rights?

America & Norway

Who is the savior of LTTE?



Public properties are robbed in broad day light?

Set fire to public buildings in broad day light?

Not in Sri Lanka!

Then where was it?


It all happened to them, I don’t know why?


Who kills the innocents in Libiya?

America America

Who violates the boarder lines in Pakistan?

America America

It all happened in broad day light

Banki Monn Channel 4 shame on you! Shame on you!


Who killed the Osama Binn Laden?

America America

Who hanged the Sadam Hussain ?

America Amaerica

Banki don’t care their human rights

I don’t know why


What is the country free from terrorism?

Sri Lanka our Sri Lanka

Who rehabilitates the terrorists?

Sri Lanka our Sri Lanka

But all against us

I don’t know why?


Banki Moon come and see

We are now happy and free

We can help without fee

To build a world terrorists free

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

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