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Rising Star Sheshadri Priyasard

A rising star in the local cinema is Sheshadri Priyasard; daughter of veteran film maker Dinesh Priyasard. The promising young actress made a name for herself following her film debut in Udayakantha Warnakulasuriya’s Challengers.

The movie Challengers introduced a large number of new faces and prominent among them were Sheshadri, who portrayed the character of Sharanya opposite actors Roshan Ranawana and Pubudu Chathuranga. The film, which was screen on the EAP circuit, had a star-studded cast which included Sangeetha Weeraratne, Roshan Ranawana, Vasanthi Chathurani and Lucky Dias.

Speaking about her role in Challengers Sheshadri says: “I was so fortunate to get a main role in my debut film. I think I have given my best to the movie. It was somewhat easy to get into the character of ‘Sharanya’ as it is quite similar to my real life- naughty and mischievous, apart from the freedom she enjoys. It was an experience too to work with Roshan and Pubudu and other veterans’.

Sheshadri is not only an actress, but also a vocalist with a melodious voice. She, along with her elder sister Dinakshi and younger sister Shanudri will be acting together in a forthcoming film by their father Dinesh Priyasard.

The attractive young actress first appeared before the camera in her father’s movie Apaye Thappara Asuharadhak when she was a mere four-month old baby, in the arms of the Queen of Sinhala cinema Malini Fonseka. Sheshadri will once again be playing the role of Malini’s daughter in an up and coming movie directed by her father, Dinesh.

In the 60 there were the four Kurukulasuriya sisters – Jeevarani, Shiranee, Janaki and Menik. Four decades later, we now have the three Priyasard sisters to bring spice to the local film scene.

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