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Athula Adikari and Amaya – Are They Married?

When will Athula Adikari marry Amaya? Or are they already married? These are the latest rumors doing the rounds about popular singer and entertainer Athula Adikari. Amaya is an upcoming fashion model and her relationship with Athula was an open secret for some time now.

Athula and his wife, popular singer Samitha Mudunkotuwa, are highly talented singers with a large fan following.

Amaya won the title of Best Female Model at the International Best Male and Female Model contest 2010.

Samitha herself was involved in a scandal sometime back, when the vehicle she was traveling in with a then UNP MP – who is now a minister in the present government – met with an accident.

Here is how Athula described that incident in an interview published in the Sunday Observer in November 2008.

“We warmly welcome the gossip spread about us. Bollywood people do it by their own selves in order to get more publicity. It is a well organized tactic. But, in our case we’re getting it free.”

Amaya - Athula's girl friend“I was a bachelor when gossip spread around that I eloped with a young female singer who by that time was on top of the fame list. Another wonderful rumor was spread after I got married to Samitha. My daughter was a baby at that time. It was said that I who was drunk at a party threw my little one up for fun and missed catching her back, and she fell and died.”

“Third rumor cropped up very recently, after a few months my son was born, entangling Samitha with a popular politician. What I believe is that if you can’t live with your spouse or partner, it’s always advisable to separate rather than suffer and live together under one roof. That’s my policy. Samitha too knows about it. So, if she wanted to get away from me, she could have talked about it with me and come to a conclusion. She didn’t need to elope,”

Born on March 8, 1966, Athula and his only sister – famous singer Nelu Adikari – were both influenced by their parent’s love of music. Although Athula’s father, A M Kumaradasa Adikari was a Science teacher, he loved to play musical instruments and sing with his mother Lalitha, who was a music and dancing teacher.

Athula loved to play the guitar and studied Trinity College piano music up to grade 5. In 1984, after his Advance Levels, he joined the group Sunflower as a keyboardist and in 1988 he released his first solo album ‘Ran Palase’. Out of 12, six songs became instant hits. This laid the foundation for his successful musical career.

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