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We will sue Surendra Perera – H.R.Jothipala’s Sister

Surendra Perera’s new music album “Me Jeewanaye” with M Entertainment brought up mixed comments among the music lovers and especially among relations of Jothipala  because H.R.Jothipala’s name was not mentioned anywhere in the album. Giving an interview to a weekend news paper, Irangani Warnakulasuriya, the younger sister of Jothipala said that they will sue all the parties involved in making this fake music video.

“Surendra said that he did what Jothipala fans asked him to do, but those request were made when he was performing in musical shows and that doesn’t mean those fans asked him to do a music video. Now the same fans urge us to take legal action against this fake music video. In fact Surendra himself promised us in front of the Jothipala statue at Maligawatte that he never will sing those songs to a music video. Now that he has broken his promise and as a family we are highly disappointed and concerned about the latest situation”

Adding further to the above she said; “We came to know that some close friends of our brother including lyric writers and musicians also encouraged Surendra to do this misconduct. Surendra himself said it was Sarath de Alwis who invited him and Sarath also confirmed it to a news paper. But Surendra should not have been done this under any circumstance”.

“Some of our family members including myself used to admire him a lot about singing our brothers songs in musical shows as he showed tremendous talent when he was singing in the Sirasa Super Star competition. It was not an encouragement to do a music video but an encouragement to a novice singer. We even took photos with him in spite of our Bother’s younger daughter Krishnie. I can’t understand why he compelled to do this having a good reputation of his own, for instance the song “wehi pabalu Sali” is one of my favorites”.

This is not the first time Jothipala songs recorded by other artists, once Rukantha Gunatilake released an album in USA and stopped re producing upon requested by the family members of Jothipala. Kingsly Pieris also released an album without the consent of Jothipala family.

“Now our patience came to the limit, Surendra has done this purposely as we have clearly asked him not to sing our brothers songs to a music video. Jothipala fans informed us that they are willing to do a protest to stop this misconduct, but we kindly refused it as it is not good for our brothers’ image. And also I think we all remember what happened at the General cemetery on our brother’s funeral, we don’t want to see a similar situation yet again, so the ultimate option left to us is to precede legal action against the parties involved in making this music video”.

H.R.Jothipala is a legend in Sri Lanka’s music history, there should be a proper mechanism to protect songs of Jothipala and other late singers. Taking legal action may prevent distribution of this video, but will it be the end of intellectual property violation? The royalty of a song equally belongs to the lyric writer,musician and to the singer, but with the absence of strong intellectual property law any party can sell his or her right to a third party without the consent of other parties. Commenting to our earlier post “I continue singing Jothipala songs – Surendra Perera” one of our viewers asked “Why do we argue about a Hindi song music?” Most of the songs in the “Me Jeewanaye” album were originally done for Hindi songs that mean Jothipala himself done the same mistake? Both Surendra and Irangani claims that Jothipala fans are with them, what do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

1 thought on “We will sue Surendra Perera – H.R.Jothipala’s Sister

  1. Stupid…by taking legal action what are they going to gain? Jothipal is dead and what if someone else sings a song of his?

    Why his Family is so mean?let a person come up in life?

    when you sue someone will you be happy? oh..shame…

    The Super star singer will have to imitate be proud of whom he had imitated..Its Jothipala..( the family should be proud of it than, complaining…

    Anyway that’s what i feel

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