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Otara to design for Swarovski

Fashion icon and founder/CEO of Odel, Otara Gunewardene has been invited by Swarovski, the global brand in the crystal industry, to design a piece of jewellery of her choice and participate in its special edition of the ‘Swarovski Gem Visions 2012’ trend book.

Otara will be contributing to this special edition under the category ‘Gem Visions India’. The Swarovski trend book is put together with the aim of challenging the conventions and clichés of traditional jewellery.

“I was honored to have received the invitation from Swarovski to be a part of this revolutionary trend and design book, and to represent Sri Lanka,” says Otara.

The glittering Swarovski Gem Vision 2012 book launch was held in early August at the Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai and was followed by a fashion show featuring Bollywood actresses and supermodels.

‘Swarovski Gem Visions’ originated to stimulate creativity in design and manufacture, and to influence the jewellery industry. In keeping with its thinking, select designers were invited to contribute their own unique designs which would reveal new trends and directions for 2012.

The Swarovski brand was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian inventor and visionary who moved to the village of Wattens, Tyrol in Austria with his newly invented machine for cutting and polishing crystal stones. Today Swarovski has become the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystals for fashion jewellery, branching out recently into lighting, architecture and interiors.

Meanwhile, Otara’s latest jewellery design was a 24 Carat Gold Bracelet themed ‘Incredible’. Inspired by ‘Beeralu’ – a hand woven lace produced in the southern regions of Sri Lanka – the delicate piece is intricately set with champagne and white crystals.

Sri Lanka’s first ever Celebrity Jewellery line “Otara”, is being marketed by Otara Gunewardene in collaboration with Colombo Jewellery Stores. The collection consists of a line of contemporary Jewellery set in White and Rose Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Garnets and Topaz – all designed by Otara.

Maintaining the signature ‘O’ in its styling, the “Otara” collection is currently on display at Colombo Jewellery Stores at Alfred House Gardens, Crescat Boulevard and ODEL.

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