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“Producers bring young girls from Night clubs…” – Duleeka Marapana

Duleeka Marapana is an actress who posses unparalleled acting talents in Tele Dramas, Stage plays and in Cinema. Having started her career from the stage, she stood over other artistes with the vast experience gained from stage dramas.Duleeka is having positive comments these days  from both critiques and tele drama fans due to her recent roles in “Malee”,” Bageta Neyo”, and in “The Saloon”.

Her role in “Malee” as “Dingiri” a “weda hamine” or an Ayurvedic doctor is much acclaim by her fans.  She is doing a little bit of over acting in the particular role as the script was written in such a way according to Duleeka; “ If you look at this from the point of Dingiri you will understand that it is not an over acting”

“The role I’m doing in “The Saloon” is a comedy, but I bring out that particular character from the real world so that people will feel it more real than an artificial character. You have to go deep in to the role and live in it and fee it then the people too will feel it the same way and will embrace it.”

Speaking about the new actresses and actors who were introduced to the Tele Drama field recently Duleeka said;

“Some of our producers spent their night in night clubs and bring the young girls met there to the field. They don’t know anything about acting, what they really want is to market themselves as Tele Drama actresses so that they can charge high from their clients.”

“They are not performing artists, but “actresses” like those who use to perform in front of Kings those days, or “courtesans” who were kept for entertain the Kings, Princes and so on. Those courtesan become actresses today and many young actresses also fell victims to them.”

“The real tragedy is that the produces willing to pay high for those courtesans but exploit the professionals who sacrifice their time and money to gain their vast experiences. Acting is a divine art, you should have a self discipline in the set, but unfortunately those actresses behave like they use to behave at night clubs during the shootings. Whenever they come to act with me I always teach them the value of this art and especially about the self discipline“

“So I request from directors and produces not to bring courtesans to the field. And the artists who have political powers should look in to this matter seriously; otherwise the people will eventually look down upon all the actresses as prostitutes.”

Speaking about her future plans she said; “The last stage drama I played was “Burnada ge Sipirigeya”, rehearsals were scheduled for two children’s stage dramas next week. And in cinema agreements has signed for the film “Kondadeniye Hamuduruwo” and reading the script of “Kulasakmana” which will start shooting in November.”

“I have planned to go abroad to complete my studies next year, and hope it will be a success.”

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