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Amarasiri Pieris latest song collection – “Ganga Galaa Yaaden”

Amarasiri Pieris has launched his fifth music album “Ganga gala yaden” on 9thSeptember. The album was launched under the Torana label. Amarasiri has a unique voice that was magnificently sharpen under the patronage of late Maestro Premasiri Kemadasa. Kemadasa Amarasiri harmony delivered many musical extravaganzas that were embraced by not only the older generation but also the younger generation. The songs like “Mage punchi rosa male” has touched the juvenile hearts of the younger generation and was sung many a times in the latest reality show competitions.

Amarasiri Pieris took eleven long years to launch his fifth album,it was the patience a good musician should have to deliver nothing but the best for his fans. “It’s very difficult to find a producer these days to release a quality song collection and it’s time consuming to find a good quality collection of lyrics” said Amarasiri. His first song collection was “Kanyaawee” after that “Pahan tharuwa, Sakman Sanda, and finally in the year 2000 released “Snehaye Nagaraya” also under the Torana label.

“During seventies people had the spiritual capacity to enjoy a good artistic creation. Things have changed now, but a good creation can still make its mark,” he said.

The music direction for the new album is all done by the young musician Darshana Ruwan Disanayake. Amila Thenuwara, Dammika Bandara, Ranjith Rupasinghe, Raji Vasantha Welgama, Doctor Kapila Krishantha Suriyaarchchi and Kalum Srimal have composed lyrics for the new album.

“Dharshana was introduced to me by one of good friends who was a teacher at Polonnaruwa. Dharshna was at the eighth grade then but showed a mature talent for his age, his music notes were also in a high standard, so I promised him to help sharpen his music education.”

“His first creation “Sugandhika”was based on a epic love story, after that I sung some fifteen songs composed by him throughout these years. I didn’t take any money for those songs, that was the help I gave to him, I saw his talents grow day by day. That’s how he composed music for the eighteen songs in my latest CD. This CD includes his very first creation of “Sugandhika” and the other songs he composed for me.”

In the new album Amarasiri has taken his voice to Western and Opera styles. This was the first occasion that the Opera style has include to the Sinhala songs, and it was especially done to attract the younger generation and to show them a new dimension in the Sinhala song.

“So far I have stage my “Kanyaawee” show fifteen times, and got huge welcome from the younger generation. Although they are used to listen the meaningless songs, the willingness to hear quality songs still prevail deep in their heart. Change is necessary, but it should be in harmony with our traditional values. The best example I can give to prove it is my song “Apple Malak” it was chosen as the song of the year and I was chosen as the popular singer because it touched the hearts of all ages.”


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