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Nehara, Nirmal, Facebook and Fans

The latest news about Nehara Pieris is that she has clashed again with her husband Nirmal, but this time it was not for a family matter but for “Face Book”. Nehara has boasted for having the largest Face Book fan page for an actress in Sri Lanka that has over 100,000 fans. The clash has taken place to get the pass word to the Face Book. Nehara’s Face Book account was handled by Nirmal and he is refusing to give the pass word to Nehara. They have clashed several times on this issue and Nehara is accusing Nirmal for deleting some important data in the account and for asking Rs.120,000 to give the pass word.

Nowadays actors and actresses think they are popular by just having thousands of fans in their Face Book accounts. But the fact remains that becoming a fan on Face Book is just a matter of “a click of a mouse”. But it was never the same in early days, Rukmani Devi,Malani Fonseka, Vijaya Kumaranatunga,Gamini Fonseka do not have Face Book but “Fan Clubs”. The major communication method was letters, the fans cherished the letter or picture post card received from their favorite actor or actress. It was a more personnel or more human relationship than this artificial or technical relationship. And those fans sacrifice their time and money to get in touch with their beloved artists. Without these technical jargons those artists still maintain their fame with no significant change. That is because I believe the fans in early days actually believe in those famous characters have some sought of respect over them.

The veteran artists too have many ups and downs in their private lives and their fans also got to know these things by paper or any other matter, yet they do not let down their beloved stars. With the absence of thousands of gossip web sites telling the same story with more and more realistic fictions they somehow able to get the correct picture of the situation. And we seldom heard fans criticizing their stars over their private life matter.

I have posted the article “I have sought legal advice for divorce – Nehara Pieris” when Nehara accused Nirmal for hurting her father over an argument. There I wrote the Nehara’s version of the story which was published in local media. That was published in the month of June and still receiving comments, but unfortunately all of them are against Nehara. So where are those thousands of fans she boasted about?

Nehara has crowned as the most popular actress recently and according to sources it was Nirmal who was behind it, being an IT professional he has handled Nehara’s campaign for the most popular actress award. And the Face Book was the main source he has used to communicate with Nehara’s fans. Now having the pass word for Face Book is in Nirmal’s custody Nehars is in a fear of losing her fan base. But I think if she really has managed to touch the hearts of her fans she shouldn’t have fear of losing her Face Book account.

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

2 thoughts on “Nehara, Nirmal, Facebook and Fans

  1. Nehara was very active in Facebook fan page and that was one reason she could gather more and more fans. I was also wondering why Nehara did not respond some of rumors or did not give any information on Facebook recently.

    If Nirmal has the control over her Facebook fan page, It is good that he did not used it for his advantage yet.

    I agree with the fact that we do not have real fans now. Anyway people’s mentality have been changed over time…for the bad.

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