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Sri Lankan students creates Asia’s Longest Painting “Colombo Wall”

Around 2,000 school students from 150 schools in the Western Province of Sri Lanka create history to day by completing the Asia’s longest painting. The painting is one and half kilometers long. School children are enthusiastically contributed to paint on the Colombo Wall to celebrate the World Tourism day that falls on September 27. The painting showcase the Colombo City in the future as seen through the eyes of these school children and will add a new chapter to world record books.

This year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated under the theme of ‘Tourism – Linking Cultures’ set by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. The main focus of this year’s theme is to foster awareness among the international community on the value of tourism and its cultural impact and to gain experience in understanding cultural diversity.

There are several programms planned for this year’s event and the main event was the painting of “Colombo Wall” which was placed along the Uttarananda Mawatha to Perahera Mawatha which was also declared opened as a tourism zone named as “Road to Paradise” Sri Lanka Tourism has introduced eight new categories to promote tourism in Sri Lanka.

  • Pristine –“ There’s a beach for all tastes, budgets and seasons in the lovely island of Sri Lanka.”
  • Heritage – “With a history that dates back over 2,000 years, Sri Lanka is home to some of the best preserved Asian monuments and showcases no fewer than 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites”.
  • Thrills – “The adventure seeker is spoilt for choice in Sri Lanka. The thrills on offer are endless and range along the spectrum – from an enjoyable day of golf or cricket to the adrenaline rush of wave riding or paragliding.”
  • Wild – “Sri Lanka features no fewer than nine national parks and seven bird sanctuaries. Among the 12, 259 endangered species listed by the World Conservation Union, 43 can be found in the island’s national parks”.
  • Bliss – “Sri Lanka is a land of serendipity, one where as you search for one moment of bliss you discover a thousand more.”
  • Scenic – “Much of Sri Lanka’s countryside seem like paintings come to life. In the misty highlands, the rolling hillsides are covered in carpets of green and cotton wool skies add romance to the quaint colonial towns.”
  • Essence –“ Sri Lanka’s essence is also that of a myriad of influences of three colonial rulers. The Portuguese, Dutch and the British interacted with Arab, Chinese and Malay merchants – a combination that is amply reflected throughout the country by way of customs, cuisine and architecture.”
  • Festive – “Sri Lanka is a land of celebration. The many ethnicities and the pervasive acceptance of each other’s traditions and religion mean that Sri Lanka is a land of continual festivities”

The main function will take place today (27) with  the release of 10 new stamps and picture post cards covering this year’s promotional themes of Sri Lanka tourism. The stamps will bear the value of rupees five (4 stamps) and fifteen (2 stamps). Also 04 Airmail stamps valuing Rs.30, 35, 40 and 45 will be also released.  A special Food Fiesta will be held in the tourism zone with the participation of Colombo Hoteliers Association. Variety of food items from different cultures will be prepared and served for the public during this festival highlighting the theme of cultural links. Other functions include career guidance work -shops, cultural shows, and many more events in provincial and national level specially focused on the youth taking into account the tourism potential in the country in the coming years.

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