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Akalamka & Upeksha deeply in love….

Upeksha Swarnamali and the Akalanka Ganegama are the newest lovers in the Sinhala cinema. The duo playing the main roles in the well known female film director Inoka Sathyangani’s latest film “Cinderella”

How was it to work with a director with an international recognition?

Upeksha: Inoka is a well talented director, and I was able to go deep in to the script and watch several local and international films to acquire necessary details for this film. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Inoka.

Akalanka: I have heard about Inoka but I didn’t like to get into the film industry, Inoka paused shooting for several months to get my liking to the film. But it was after when I got to know that she has created the character of “Chandula” having me in her mind that I finally agreed to take up this new challenge. Now I’m happy that I took a good decision.

What’s your character in the film?

Upeksha: “Isanka” a Sri Lankan girl lived in abroad who honors Sri Lankan culture, and she is visiting motherland for a vacation, and the story goes on. I didn’t have to do much because it was so closed to my real life. I also lived in abroad and came here.

Akalanka: “Chandula Meegaswaththa” is my character, a normal guy. I also played my normal real live character. The way I move with my friends, the way I love were all the same with my real life. I must thank the entire crew for their support and guidance. Without them it would have been real hard for me.

How was Akalanka as a lover?

Upeksha: To be honest he is a good lover. He is a well disciplined guy from a respectable family and he knows the limits when acting as lovers, otherwise it would have been much difficult for me.

How about you Akalanka? Was she a good love?

Akalanka: Yes of course, in fact sometime I forgot I was acting, it was that real and free and she gave her full support to me to grasp my character right.

What was the director’s feedback towards your acting?

Upeksha: She was quite happy and said sometimes she had to control me in certain scenes.

Akalanka: My role flow from the beginning of the film to the end, I had to repeat several scenes until Inoka is satisfied while shooting the film, but at the end it was worth the effort and she told me I might get an award if nominated for a film festival.

Is it true you too are lovers in real life?

Akalanka: Those rumors are common to this field, we became good friends during the shooting and that’s all. I have a fiancé and hopefully get married next year. I think it’s too early to introduce her to the media

What’s latest about your private life Upeksha?

Upeksha: Well, I’m getting my divorce pretty soon and engage in my political and artistic work these days. I will get married again if I find the right person for me, until then I’m single

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