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The Lady who deals with God “Natha”

A few months ago a research done by a group of team in Kelaniya University has agitated the society. The group finding was a high concentration of arsenic in pesticides and was said to be causing chronic kidney disease in Rajarata. This ground breaking research was however `guided by divine intervention` the leader of the research team, famously said, when announcing research findings. Professor Nalin de Silva, the team leader told this newspaper that it was the “Natha Deyyo”, who communicated to a member of his research team that arsenic in water was the cause of the kidney disease. The lady who believed to be dealing with Gods has recently given an interview to a local media.

Priyantha Senananyake is that enchanted lady with a Post graduate Degree in Molecular Biology in Japan. She has also learnt Wildlife Management also in Japan. Her husband V.K. Senanayake is a lecturer in University of Kelaniya.

“I’m more in to spiritual life from my childhood, and I’m used to Buddhist meditation since then. My father was a well educated person with vast knowledge in Buddhist culture,Pali and Sanskrit. I have no interest in Gods except the Buddhism. I never worship Gods, nor did I keep even a single picture of God in my residence. But it doesn’t mean I do not believe their existence. “

“It is common to people in higher levels in meditation to have some sort of communication with super natural lives, It happened naturally. My first encounter was about five years ago and it was my father and mother who were born as Gods, at first I thought I am having a mental disorder, but later I managed to get in touch with several other Gods. I don’t know the names of those Gods but there is a particular God who is addressed by “Natha” by other Gods. Then they introduced me with a God that is an “ayurwedic doctor” who used to teach me about herbs and treatments.”

“They explained how to prepare medicine use of herbs and where at to apply in the human body. I have no idea whether it is the ancient ayurwedic treatments of Sri Lanka but they told me it is the traditional Sinhalese “Nila wedakama”. I have not seen the use of this method of treatment nowadays. But it cures people miraculously. My first treatment was to close friends of mine as I was in a fear to use it for unknown. Eventually the news spread and people came in search of cure. Then the staff members of my husband in University of Kelaniya also came. Then it was Dr.Channa Jayasumana who brought the Rajarata kidney disease to me. I seek help from my closed Gods and they told me about the arsenic”

“I don’t want to prove the existence of Gods, what I believe is I can cure people using  a method that is not exist in the present medical treatment system. Professor Nalin de Silva, Upali Gunasekera the principle of Royal College are some of the well known personalities who took my treatments. Several doctors sent patients to me that cannot be cured through western medical treatments and I have cured them. Dr. Panduka at Rajarata Medical Faculty got reports of such patients cured by this treatment and they are conducting research on them. I myself have written evidence of 5,000 patients I have treated.”

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