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The Heroic Saga of the Special Force – “I who would not dare to give in to the enemy”

The Special Force (SF) of Sri Lanka is celebrating their 25th anniversary in a special way by launching a book named as” Kisi Vitekath Sathurata Yatath Novena Ma” (I who would not dare to give in to the enemy), a novel that speaks of heroic saga of the Special Forces (SF). The Sri Lanka Army Special Forces evolved from organization initially known as “Combat Tracker Team” ,“Determined, Dared, and Done”as their motto and the four arrows in their cap cadge depict the four-man team regularly used for covert strikes and its deep penetration capabilities. This group at the inception in 1985 had two Officers and 38 men and was to be tasked to carry out small group operations which have capability of operating deep in enemy territory against LTTE terrorism in time of war. This Combat Tracker Team led by the dedicated and devoted leadership of Maj Gen (retired) G. Hettiarachch from the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC) (Then Major) and Col A.F. Lafir.

The Book was launched today the 12th of October at the Waters Edge Hotel, Battaramulla. The dramatic chain of those narratives in the book as retold by both SF officers and soldiers alike to its editor, Brigadier H Ranasinghe, SF Brigade Commander was presented to Secretary Defence Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who graced the occasion as Chief Guest along with Commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force and a host of senior tri-service officers and invitees.

Major General A.K.S Perera, Colonel of the SF Regiment presented the first copy of the book to Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Chief of Defence Staff and Tri-service Commanders received the copies afterwards.

Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his brief oration to the occasion recalled the exceptional and priceless commitment as well as sacrifices of the SF troops towards the liberation of the country from grips of LTTE terrorism.

The novel ‘Kisi Vitekath Sathurata Yatath Novena Ma’, written in an attractive diction speaks of a string of battlefield experience of SF officers and soldiers, particularly during the peak of LTTE terrorism in a manner that does not affect tactical strategies and other vital information, related to its operations.

Prof Chandrasiri Palliyaguru who has written the foreword to this first ever collection of heroic acts and battlefield experiences of the SF troops delivered a brief introductory address to the gathering.

Deviating from the traditional format of a book, generally released by a regiment or any other formation, this book sums up real ground experiences of several living SF War Heroes and disable SF officers and soldiers.

Current SF roles are believed to include:

  • Intelligence collection in the deep battle-space.
  • Battle-space preparation by sabotage and offensive raiding in the medium and deep battle-space ([LRRP/LRP] missions).
  • Counter Terrorism operations
  • Conducting unconventional warfare and special Ops in remote, urban or rural environment, both overt and covert.
  • Rapid deployment force to meet unforeseen circumstances.

Special Forces Training School was established on 15 th February 1992 and it is conducting the basic and specialized training for all Special Forces personnel. It also conducts special courses to train instructors from other battalions in the Army and has also helped to train Navy Speiacl Boat Squadron personnel and Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment Special Force.

All SF personnel(regardless of their rank) have to undergo a refresher course (lasting one month) every year. There are no permanent members of SF, an individual will serve as long as he can live up to the set standards. Once declared unfit for their specialized duties, soldiers will be posted out of Special Forces.

/p/a/suprce and a host of senior tri-service officers and invitees.

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